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    This Mom's Insane 31-Day Costume Challenge Will Make You Go, "When Did She Sleep?!"

    She basically made Halloween a full-time job.

    This is Meegan Bibel, 38, of Salem, New Hampshire, and her family — hubby Malachi and kids Rowan, almost 3, and Wyatt, 7 months old.

    At the end of September, Meegan — who is a big movie nerd — decided it would be fun to usher in the Halloween season by taking a photo of Rowan and Wyatt dressed up as Pennywise and Georgie from IT.

    When the photo turned out well, Meegan got another idea: to do a different photo for every day of October. Meegan tells BuzzFeed, "That night I decided that I'd attempt thirty more. My husband thought I was nuts." She posted her plan on her Instagram, but predicted she'd quit after five days.

    Well, she didn't quit, and on October 28th posted her 28th photo, an homage to X-Men.

    Meegan says some of the photos — like this Risky Business one — came together rather quickly...

    While others took hours to prepare.

    Meegan says, "A lot of people have asked me how I found the time to do this, and I tell them it's pretty simple if you just re-allocate all the hours you normally spend on housework, food shopping, and self care to costume design."

    In all seriousness, Meegan says, "My husband and I both love Halloween, and I love all things crafty, so this was a perfect project for me."

    Meegan's husband, Malachi, is also a grip in the film industry, so he was able to help put together some of the shots for her.

    And hey, if you don't have the right wig, you can always photoshop it!

    Most of the photos were based on movies and TV shows Meegan loved, and — as this "Log Lady" from Twin Peaks photo shows — she clearly has eclectic taste for shows new and old.

    I mean — LOL — she, Rowan, and Wyatt even paid tribute to the Coen brothers' Raising Arizona...

    And the Ingmar Bergman classic The Seventh Seal.

    Meegan says that — with the exception of Snow White — Rowan had no idea who she was dressing up as, but that "she definitely enjoys dressing up and taking pictures. And it helps that she gets a treat after each photoshoot."

    "For the shoots that involved blood, I told her that it was just gooey syrup (which it was.)"

    In case you're wondering, Rowan is going to pick her own costume on Halloween. "After a month of forcing obscure costumes on my toddler, I promised that I’d let her choose her own for Halloween and not turn it into a weird mommy photoshoot. So as of today she’s picked a lion."

    You can check out all 31 days of Halloween photos on Meegan's Instagram page.