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18 Halloween Tweets That Absolutely Blew Up Online This Week

Trick or tweet!

1. This is pretty much all of us right now thanks to the coronavirus pandemic:

When you realize Halloween is next weekend and you haven’t done enough spooky activities

2. But people are finding other ways to celebrate:

Sure, trick or treating is off the table, but that doesn’t mean Halloween is cancelled. My child and I will he celebrating the old fashioned way, by burning an artisanal pentacle into our floor and summoning spirits from the netherworld

3. And some are REALLY making the most of it:

This house in my neighborhood every year nails Halloween decorations.

4. While we're discussing houses with A+ (and very 2020) decorations:

Decided last second to decorate the house for Halloween...

5. FYI, not everyone is in the Halloween mood, though, and that includes Princess Pebbles:

As Halloween approaches I’d like it known that any attempt to put me in a pumpkin outfit will result in your hospitalisation.

6. Love this! It would be SO perfect for this year:

this the type of Halloween shit im down for 😂


Jeff Bezos could afford to buy one large candy bar for every American on Halloween but he doesn’t

8. I felt this one right here, lol:

cashier: what do u want to be for halloween? me: happy cashier: i was talking to the kid behind you me: ok

9. All dads everywhere should do this:

I’m going to dress as Billy Madison and sit in with my son’s zoom class, for Halloween.

10. Halloween-themed diss #1:

lol not to flex but I can guess what you’re gonna be for Halloween this year single

11. And Halloween-themed diss #2:

soo.. besides being clowns what are y’all being for halloween 🤡

12. This is kinda interesting — people always make lists of their favorite Halloween candies, but FiveThirtyEight actually did a legit poll of almost 300,000 people:


Wow, people, you really did Skittles like that?

13. Here's someone else's opinion of the best candy, which is totally, totally wrong...but in a way, totally right:

The best Halloween candy is white claw (is this how it works?)

14. Kids and costumes are weird, part 1:

@bretmanrock My niece wants to be a farm for Halloween. Kids are weird.

15. Kids and costumes are weird, part 2:

6-year-old: Can I wear my Halloween costume? Me: It's for Halloween. 6: It's an every day costume.

16. Kermit still isn't sure what to be this year (relatable, Kermie):

I’m having a hard time choosing my costume for this Halloween! I’m leaning towards vampire. Simple, effective, and it would be nice to have teeth for a day.

17. While Kevin Bacon is out here openly soliciting people to dress up like him for Halloween, which is either totally legendary or a little too thirsty, depending on your POV:

I know we’re all going to have to be creative this year for Halloween 🎃 …Here are a few costume ideas in case you’re stumped. P.S. If you tag me in your recreations, I’ll repost! #HappyHalloween #TBT #Footloose #CityOnAHill #Tremors #Apollo13

Who are we kidding? It's legendary! This is Kevin Bacon we're talking about!

18. Lastly, this 100% captures the feeling when you're into Halloween more than your friends:

When none of your friends love Halloween like you do

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