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19 Halloween Tweets From 2020 That Have Gone Viral (So Far)

Celebrating Halloween in 2020 is a little on the nose, don't you think?

1. First, this woman revisited her still fresh (and hilarious) Halloween trauma from 2017:

thinkin about halloween ‘17 when the guy i had been seeing came home with another girl and i was already on his couch smoking weed with his roommates, still fully dressed as guy fieri

2. While Steve Martin dis-Penced with the mystery and revealed his costume:

3. And this pumpkin decorator brilliantly executed a similar idea:

4. Also brilliant? This very timely joke:

Dressing up as a covid denier for Halloween is easy. You don’t even need a mask.

5. This student is ready to give a fright:

halloween comin up?? boutta scare my mom wit these grades

6. While this place probably doesn't need to try so hard:

the amityville horror house, where 6 people were murdered, feels the need to decorate for halloween

7. Speaking of decorations, these get what's REALLY scary in 2020:

Now this is a Halloween display #CLE #Halloween2020

8. I couldn't love this eye doctor's Halloween tree more:

9. And this Mythbusters host knows the true sign of A+ Halloween decorations:

A little girl just started crying at my Halloween decorations. I know the emotion I should be feeling isn’t pride but 😂🤣

10. This guy, sadly, has at least a 99% chance of being right:

i can’t wait to see which insufferable tik tok star has an offensive halloween costume this year

11. This comedian is very honest about her Halloween plans:

I will be celebrating Halloween like I always do: buying a horny costume online, taking a million pictures of it in my apartment then ubering to a guys house to have sex in it

12. Ditto for this dad:

Heard a rival dad is planning to hand out king size candy bars for Halloween so now every trick or treater that comes to my house is getting a full rack of ribs.

13. This dad, meanwhile, has his hands full:

Me: What do you want to be for Halloween? 6-year-old: Pikachu. Me: We could do that. 6: With a costume that really zaps people. Hard no on the Taser.

14. And this dad can't get his daughter to cooperate:

my 4 year old daughter wants to dress as a cat for Halloween and I'm trying to explain to her that Ruth Bader Ginsberg would be better for my Instagram metrics but she's acting like the spreadsheet doesn't even matter despite the data being very clear

15. The Office wants you to remember the rules about dressing up as one of their characters:

If you’re planning on dressing up as #TheOffice characters for Halloween, remember…

16. Of course, you can dress as other show characters too:

I love this Halloween costume, do you get it?

17. Spirit Halloween stores really seem to be everywhere:

this is the future liberals want

18. This is a good point, lol:

Gotta respect the resilience of people doing Halloween Twitter names in 2020

19. And lastly, we all stan a Halloween legend: