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    "The Office" Stars Jenna Fischer, Phyllis Smith, And Ellie Kemper “Attended” A St. Louis Cardinals Game And It's Hilariously Heartwarming

    A celebrity reunion NOT over Zoom? Amazing!

    Due to the coronavirus, major league baseball has played its games this season without fans. But, to make things a little less depressing, teams offered fans the opportunity to have a cardboard cutout of them placed in the seats during games.

    Rich Schultz / Getty Images

    Is this weird? Yes. But it's allowed fans to feel a little closer to the game they love, and led to some hilarious moments, like when the Dodgers' Will Smith nearly decapitated this young man:

    This Will Smith home run ball nearly took the head off of a fan cutout in the outfield seats 😅

    Will Smith later sent the fan the bat he used to hit the ball, autographed with the inscription "Sorry I hit you in the face! Go Dodgers!"

    Will Smith sent me a bat after hitting my cutout so I decided to round out the collection from baseballcards

    Another time — after the Oakland A's put some giant teddy bears in the seats alongside the cutouts — one of the bears got absolutely destroyed by a foul ball:

    This teddy bear getting drilled by a foul ball is my new favorite video of the 2020 season

    All of this is a lead-up to me telling you about my absolutely favorite cardboard cutout story of the season.


    This week, The Office star Jenna Fischer (Pam) posted a photo on Instagram of her "attending" a Cardinals game with Phyllis Smith (Phyllis) and Ellie Kemper (Erin).

    Yes, that was them behind home plate at this week's Cardinals/Pirates game!

    The Office stars' cutouts in the front row of the game

    This virtual outing makes a lot of sense when you realize all three of the stars are from St. Louis.

    Jenna Fischer / Via Instagram: @msjennafischer

    Jenna grew up in St. Louis, and even participated in a celebrity softball game at Busch Stadium in 2009 when the Cardinals hosted the All-Star Game.

    St. Louis native Phyllis graduated from the University of Missouri and was even a cheerleader for the NFL's St. Louis Cardinals in the 1970s!

    And — believe it or not! — Ellie also grew up in St. Louis (where she randomly had future Mad Men star Jon Hamm as her acting teacher in high school).

    By the way, I got a laugh from Ellie's comment here, lol:

    Ellie wrote: So much fun, the hot dogs were amazing
    Instagram: @msjennafischer

    Mmmm. Virtual hot dogs.

    Hope you "enjoyed" the game, ladies! And it was great to see you all together once again, even if it was in the most 2020 of ways!

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