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Taco Bell Is Discontinuing A Bunch Of Items And We Want To Know If You're Mad Or Don't Care

2020 was bad enough without a major menu shake-up!

On Friday Taco Bell announced they would be simplifying their menu by retiring 11 items starting August 13th, and people are not happy:

I feel personally betrayed by Taco Bell’s menu changes

Like, really not happy:

I s2g if Taco Bell gets rid of the spicy potato taco I will dedicate my life to removing them from history. Every tweet, every meme, every joke.. I will burn down every store, I will silence all employees, I will RUIN THEM IF THEY BETRAY ME LIKE THIS

Just not pleased at all:

I’m going to create a Taco Bell knock off restaurant that only serves the items Taco Bell discontinued off their menus.

Here's what we want to know — do these changes have you bummed out too? Or are you pretty "meh" about them? Let us know for each of the 11 discontinued items below: