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Piers Morgan Mocked Daniel Craig For Parenting His Daughter And People Aren't Here For It

That's quite a hill to die on, Piers.

This is controversial TV personality Piers Morgan, who has a history of putting his foot in his mouth on Twitter.

And this is Daniel Craig, who plays James Bond on-screen and recently welcomed a baby girl to the world (mom is Craig's wife Rachel Weisz).

Yesterday, Morgan tweeted this image of Craig babywearing his new daughter along with the text "Oh 007...not you as well?!!!" and the hashtag "#emasculatedBond"

Morgan's jab at Craig for doing the kind of things dads are supposed to do didn't sit well with people.

This dad shared a photo babywearing his kid in dad solidarity with Craig...

And so did this dad.

This guy made a really good point.

This Twitter user saw Morgan's take as very, very out of date.

This one trolled Morgan hilariously.

And this one was, well, just kind of mystified by Morgan's tweet.

Keep up the quality dadding, Daniel!