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You Won't Believe What Disneyland Did To California Adventure For Halloween

This is the first time the park has celebrated the spookiest of holidays.

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California Adventure's transformation starts at the main entrance, where you'll see the silhouette of Oogie Boogie (the baddie from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas) leering at you.

Heather Spohr / Via Flickr: plasticcandy

Oogie Boogie adds to the creepiness — and fun — by tossing off one-liners and laughing ominously.


Soon you'll near Carthay Circle where you'll find this 10-foot-tall statue of the headless horseman holding up his jack-o’-lantern head to the sky!

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The statue is probably most fun to check out after nightfall, especially since the horse’s eyes glow red, smoke pours out of its nose, and the pumpkin–head lights up with flame.

At Carthay Circle itself you'll see bats flying out of the tower, but that's not the coolest part. At dusk there's a lighting moment when the bells toll, Oogie welcomes you to his nightmare, and the park subtly transition from daytime into the much spookier night.


But this tractor dressed up as a mummy is pretty great too.

Heather Spohr / Via Flickr: plasticcandy

You'll also catch Lightning McQueen dressed as a super hero, Cruz Ramirez as a pirate, Red the Fire Truck as a clown, and DJ as a punk rocker.


And Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters becomes Luigi’s Honkin’ Haul-O-Ween featuring traditional Italian songs with a Halloween twist, like “Terror-antella” and “The Chop Top of Carsoli” (I told you there would be puns.)

But, oh my, you need to make it over to Guardians of the Galaxy — Mission: BREAKOUT, because at night it transforms into a new attraction called Guardians of the Galaxy — Monsters After Dark.

It has all of the fun and excitement of Mission: BREAKOUT but comes with a new storyline, spooky visuals, and a never-before-heard punk rock song by Guardians of the Galaxy composer Tyler Bates.