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17 Movies Stars Who Were Drunk Or Stoned While Filming Classic Scenes

You'll never think of Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford in The Empire Strikes Back the same way again.

1. Ethan Embry was so stoned while shooting Can't Hardly Wait that the only thing he remembers about the experience is being asked by the director if he was "altered."

Ethan Embry smiling in Can't Hardly Wait

2. John Candy filmed one of his most iconic scenes in Splash drunk after a run-in with Jack Nicholson.

John Candy in workout gear and holding a beer on a racquetball court

3. Kirsten Dunst had no idea she was smoking a real joint while filming a scene in Woodshock.

An artsy image of Dunst's face looking fractured

4. Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo were so drunk on the set of Super Mario Bros. that Hoskins broke his finger.

Hoskins and Leguizamo is colorful outfits as the Mario Bros

5. Billy Bob Thornton got rip-roaring drunk for a key scene while filming Bad Santa.

Thornton in his Santa clothes lays on the ground, drunk and with a cut on his face

6. Margot Robbie found some liquid courage while filming The Wolf of Wall Street.

Robbie reclines in a fancy chair wearing a lacy bra

7. The drunken breakdown Martin Sheen's character suffered at the start of Apocalypse Now was a real drunken breakdown.

8. Nicolas Cage incorporated drinking into some of his scenes as a deeply troubled alcoholic in Leaving Las Vegas.

Cage drunkenly leans back laughing at a card table

9. Nicole Kidman, Sandra Bullock, Stockard Channing, and Diane Weist partied for real during a party scene in Practical Magic.

Channing and Weist smile while blending up margaritas

10. The Beatles smoked so much pot on the set of Help it was understood they wouldn't be able to film much after lunch.

The four Beatles look over a ledge in the snowy alps

11. Jennifer Lawrence got "really, really drunk" before her sex scene with Chris Pratt in Passengers.

Lawrence and Pratt cuddle in a pool

12. Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford partied all night with the Rolling Stones and then showed up to film The Empire Strikes Back flying high.

Fisher as Princess Leia looks at Ford as Solo, who looks confused

13. Jason Mewes was under the influence during the entire filming of Clerks.

Mewes as Jay pontificates with hands outstretched in front of the mini mart

14. Jim Breuer filmed a scene high on the set of Half Baked.

Breuer wears a tie-dyed shirt and looks very stoned in the film

15. Jack Nicholson didn't smoke 155 joints, as it has been rumored, during the filming of the UFO scene in Easy Rider, but he WAS smoking pot.

Nicholson holding a joint in Easy Rider

16. Olivia Wilde and Anna Kendrick were drunk on the set of Drinking Buddies.

Wilde and Kendrick drink beers in a scene from the movie

17. And Seth Rogen was high while filming...everything.

Rogen, in The Pineapple Express, looks at a joint like its the love of his life