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17 Times People Met Tom Hanks IRL And Were Not Disappointed

Thanks, T. Hanks.

Some celebrities are notorious for being monsters IRL, while others have a reputation for being super cool. Thankfully, Tom Hanks falls firmly into the second category.

Perhaps because he was honored at the Golden Globes last Sunday, a couple tweets sharing IRL run-ins with Tom Hanks went viral on Twitter. There was this epic phone story:

A number of years ago I left my iPhone unattended in the same room as Tom Hanks. The next day, I found this photo in my camera roll. To be clear: I’ve never met him. But I do believe he is exactly who we hope he is, and I don’t want to know if I’m wrong.

And this good Samaritan tale:

My one Tom Hanks story. Was out West skiing. Ended up on road connecting 2 areas. Snowing like hell. Had flat tire. Get out, start doing usual. SUV pulls over, guy gets out. Damn near white out now. Both of us freezing. We get it done. At end introduce ourselves. Tom Hanks.

But the IRL Tom Hanks stories don't end there, because lots of people replied to those tweets with stories of their own. These were the absolute best:

@stuartpstevens Here's the pic from that encounter.

@whittlz I was shocked to receive this personal reply from Tom when I offered him my deceased father’s typewriter for Tom’s typewriter collection. My dad had “smuggled” it out of Germany when he immigrated to the US as a WWII refugee. I will treasure Tom’s letter forever.

@whittlz @BittrScrptReadr Did a month of stand in work on a film he was making. The man sat next to me, asked me about my life... it was a war movie and my brother was serving at the time. He got out a pen and sent him something. Nicest man.

@whittlz He is absolutely a good human. A few years ago when our local book store was doing a fundraiser to try to keep the doors open, he passed by and ended up staying for quite some time signing autographs and trying to get people to come in.

@stuartpstevens 2/2 travel coffee mug in hand. I bet I don’t have to tell you who it was. (Tom Hanks) He took the time to profusely shake everyone’s hand and chat with all these firefighters even though I’m sure he’d hoped he wouldn’t run into anyone up there.

@stuartpstevens My one Tom Hanks story. I was on the set of “A League of Their Own”. Tom was talking with one of my friends and I was just sitting there trying not to be weird while waiting for her. Being the nicest human ever, Tom makes introductions and includes me in the conversation. 😍

@stuartpstevens 2/ and Advance Lead told me he was in attendance & wanted to meet me. Walked over & introduced myself & he yelled "Lighter Guy!!!". Thanked me profusely and we chatted for a few minutes. Received a very nice hand-written note from him days later. A real mensch. #hanx @tomhanks

@stuartpstevens Was at Detroit Tigers game. Guy behind me semi whispers “how’d that guy get on 1st”. Without looking back I said he walked. Figured it was Tom at the half inning and told him my girlfriend in BR doesn’t believe I am sitting by him. Got Tom to call gf on the phone. Incred

@stuartpstevens My Tom Hanks story: April 5, 1990 at MSG playoff game between Islanders & Rangers. I'm sitting w/ friends near center ice and the guys behind us start giving everyone boxes of popcorn. I turn around and it was Tom Hanks and Jon Lovitz! Just talking to us all about hockey! Cool!

@stuartpstevens Tom Hanks story: actress friend in Cleveland started out w him at Great Lakes Theater. He’s stayed in touch with that group for decades, emailed my friend other day about his Mr Rogers role. Makes effort to meet up when in CLE and when they visit him in LA. 💯 genuine good guy ❤️

@stuartpstevens I have one - was in LA in the 90s, a friend knew Ron Howard's dad, Rance. We went to see him and he said, "Want to see Ron work?" Took us to the Apollo 13 set - watched a take, then shook hands with Tom IN the Astronaut suit. So wish I had the nerve to ask for a photo...

@stuartpstevens My one Tom Hanks story. Worked at the Sherman Oaks Galleria mall in the early 80s. Busy day at the jewlery store where I worked. In strolls Tom Hanks. Bought a necklace for his then girlfriend, Rita (recalling pearls). One of the nicest customers I had the pleasure to serve.

@stuartpstevens I love these! My most relevant @tomhanks story is when escorted @CLTballet for @kencen Honors the dancers were trying to be cool & not gawk at the afterparty. He came up to them & gushed about their talent & how impressed he was by them asking if he could have a pic w them.

@stuartpstevens My TH story: When a former high school actor of mine is cast on Broadway in Hanks’ “Lucky Guy,” I get backstage after and meet Tom, who asks me more questions about me than I can ask about him! #solidcitizen #amazinghuman

@stuartpstevens My @tomhanks story: was in audience at taping for Newhart, had to be prior to 1985. He was sitting a couple rows in front of us. Clearly there to support his friend who acted with him in Bosom Buddies, he laughed uproariously at all the jokes, esp. Peter Scolari’s.

Thanks for being you, Tom!