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21 Indispensable Tips And Tricks For Traveling With Kids

Hitting the road doesn't have to be so hard.

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2. You can also avoid lugging so many changes of clothes by packing the world’s smallest washing machine.

3. Before you leave, research roadside attractions along your journey — then plan to stop at a few.

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This will not only break up the monotony of a long drive but also give your kids something fun to look forward to — like seeing California's Cabazon Dinosaurs.

4. You can also write times on sticky notes to add some fun to the journey.

When the clock reaches the time on the sticky note, pull it down and give your kid something fun, like an activity kit, trinket, or piece of gum. Learn more about this at Neat Nest Organizing.

5. Don't forget to bring a nightlight if your kid is used to one — this travel nightlight even charges your phone!


7. Bring a checklist of your kid's prized possessions to check off before you leave the hotel.

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This way you won't have to turn around and drive 64 miles back to the hotel because you forgot a stuffed animal in your rush to make checkout.

8. Attach a sippy cup to your kid's car seat so you won't have to turn around and pick it up every single time they drop it.


15. You should also bring a change of clothes for your baby AND yourself on a flight.

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This way if your baby spits up on your shirt you don't have to wear it the rest of the flight.

16. DIY a shape sorter to keep your toddler busy on the plane.

These are more portable than normal shape sorters, and can be left behind if you run out of luggage space at the end of your trip. Learn how to make one here.


18. Keep your kid entertained by letting them play with some dollar-store gel clings on the window.

If you don't have a window seat they can play with the gel clings on the tray table in front of them.

20. You're probably going to be eating out a lot more than usual, so it's a good idea to bring a restaurant kit.

Even well-behaved kids can lose it at their fifth restaurant in as many days. Learn how to make one at Blue i Style.

21. Bring a diaper backpack instead of a diaper bag.

These travel easier and carry more items than a typical diaper bag. Order the one above — which comes with two insulated bottle pockets — here for $44.99.

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