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    16 Bloopers From Movies And TV Shows That Are Funnier Than The Actual Productions

    How are these so funny?

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the blooper or outtake that makes them laugh way too hard, and boy did they deliver:

    1. On Friends, when Lisa Kudlow sings along as David Schwimmer plays the bagpipes and everyone (but especially Jennifer Aniston) absolutely loses it.

    Warner Bros. Television

    "No one could hold it together. The thought of that blooper is enough to make anyone with a good sense of humor smile."


    Here's the blooper:

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    2. On The Good Place, when Jameela Jamil unleashed a string of blue language before realizing there were kids on set.


    "Jameela goes into a cursing fit, then says, 'Oh my God, are Morgan's children still here and do they have headphones?' I remember seeing it the first time and I lost it. I still laugh every time I see it."


    Here's the outtake (starting at 8:01):

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    3. In Stranger Things, when David Harbour can't handle the word "Grandma," and soon neither can Finn Wolfhard and Millie Bobby Brown.


    "The scene when Hopper (David Harbour) keeps trying to say 'It’s your Grandma' to Mike (Finn Wolfhard) and El (Millie Bobby Brown) but keeps breaking, and soon all three are laughing!"


    Here's the outtake:

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    4. On The Office, when Steve Carell shows off his new flatscreen TV and no one can keep a straight face.


    "That bit where Michael pressed his new TV into the wall, and John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer were weeping from laughter. Forever hilarious."


    Here's the outtake (starting at 5:33):

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    5. Also on The Office, when Brian Baumgartner sat on Steve Carrell as Santa's lap at the Christmas party.


    "You can see Kelly and Andy breaking in the background. Ryan even steps in front of Kelly because he’s trying to hide her laughing and Andy goes to hide behind the wall to avoid ruining the shot."


    6. Here's the outtake (starting at 8:44):

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    7. On Alias, when Victor Garber is speaking very seriously to Jennifer Garner and her stomach suddenly makes a sound.


    "Her stomach makes a little noise and it sets off this chain of uncontrollable giggles from the two of them for the next few takes. Jennifer Garner's laugh is infectious."


    Here's the outtake (Starting at 0:02 and then intercut throughout the first couple minutes):

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    8. In We're the Millers, when they prank Jennifer Aniston by playing the Friends theme "I'll Be There for You" instead of TLC's "Waterfalls."

    Warner Bros.

    "When they surprised Jennifer Aniston by playing the Friends theme song and the reaction was amazing!"


    Here's the outtake:

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    9. On Parks and Recreation, when Chris Pratt tosses the briefcase and it ends up a one-in-a-million shot that busts the light switch.


    "When Chris Pratt threw the briefcase and broke the light switch and Rob Lowe said, completely straight-faced and monotone, 'That is fucking hilarious.'"


    Here's the outtake (starting at 1:38):

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    10. In Liar, Liar, when Jim Carrey misses his mark, so he balls up the paper in his hand into an origami-like goose.


    "The 'It’s a goose!' bit in the blooper reel at the end of the film!"


    Here's the outtake (start at 0:51):

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    11. In 2009's Star Trek, when Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto — for some reason — perform a scene with terrible Scottish accents.


    "I love it!"


    Here's the outtake (starting at 5:15):

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    12. In Community, when Donald Glover (dressed as Eddie Murphy) improvises questions for Danny Pudi (dressed as Batman) at the Halloween party:


    "Pretty much any blooper from Community. I can’t watch them enough!"


    Here's the outtake:

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    13. In This Is 40, when Melissa McCarthy unleashed an endless improv rant on Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann.


    "For me it’s gotta be Melissa McCarthy in the principal’s office. The way Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann just continue to lose their shit, but she keeps rolling with it. Amazing."


    Here's the outtake:

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    14. On Breaking Bad, when Aaron Paul couldn't say this one easy line, and Bryan Cranston lost it.


    "I love all the Breaking Bad bloopers. 'I don’t know Mr. White do you think this will rlwrwork?'”


    Here's the outtake:

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    15. On The 100, when Marie Avgeropoulos flubs a line with hilariously unintended consequences.

    The CW

    Here's the outtake (starting at 2:33):

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    16. And lastly, on Reba, when Reba McEntire's accent made her reading of "chewing ice" sound like...something else, and James "Uncle Phil" Avery couldn't handle it.

    The WB

    "I just love how she keeps having to repeat 'chewing ice' and it keeps coming out as 'chewing ass' and she starts cracking up."


    Here's the outtake:

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    Is there a classic outtake or blooper not mentioned here? Let us know in the comments!

    Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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