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What's The Funniest Blooper From A Movie Or TV Show?

Sometimes the outtakes are better than the actual show.

We’ve all had quite a few good laughs watching our favorite movies and TV shows.

A funny scene from Schitt's Creek where Davis tells Noah he is his Mariah Carey

But sometimes the funniest things that happen on these shows don’t make it into the final product — I’m talking about their outtakes and bloopers.

Scarlett  Johansson and Chris Evans laugh over flubbed line in Captain America: The Winter Soldier

So here's my question for you — what's the funniest outtake or blooper from a movie or TV show you've ever seen?

Maybe there's a blooper/outtake from Parks and Recreation — like this one by Andy in a scene at the doctor — that makes you laugh way too hard.

Andy improvising a gag about how he can never wipe enough and saying "It's like I'm wiping a marker"

Or maybe there's a classic outtake you love from one of the Rush Hour films — like the one on the plane where they could NOT get their lines right.

New Line Cinema

Perhaps there's an outtake from The Good Place — like the one in Michael's office where they couldn't stop laughing — that you watch over and over.


Or maybe you can't get enough of an outtake from Bridesmaids — like Melissa McCarthy's increasingly raunchy improv on the plane.

Melissa McCarthy lustily drinking in a man

Whatever it is, we wanna hear it! Tell us which outtake or blooper cracks you all the way up in the comments below, and they might be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!