29 Amazing Backyards That Will Blow Your Kids’ Minds

    A roller coaster? Giant water slide? No problem!

    For most kids lucky enough to grow up with a backyard, a Slip N' Slide is about as fun as it gets.

    But as fun as a Slip N' Slide is, it can't touch the jaw-droppingly awesome things found in some of the world's most amazing backyards, things like:

    1. A Wiffle Ball Stadium

    2. A Roller Coaster

    3. An Ice Hockey Rink

    4. The Waterslide of Doom

    5. A Supersized Tree House

    6. A Trio of Tree Houses

    7. The Hobbit House

    8. Red Beard's Revenge Pirate Ship

    9. A Windmill Playhouse

    10. A Mini-Replica Of Paris, France

    11. A See-Through Above Ground Pool

    12. An In-Ground Trampoline

    13. A Fairy Tale Castle

    14. An Inflatable Theater

    15. An Outdoor Loft

    16. A BMX Skatepark

    17. A Water Slide

    18. A Western Town

    19. A Stage

    20. A Swing Unlike Any Other

    21. A Spaceship

    Seattle based dad Jon Howell, along with his friend, Jeremy Elson, built this rocket for his son, Eliot, to take to the moon (or at least the top of the trees).

    22. A Beach Entry Pool

    23. Tree Houses Straight Out Of Harry Potter

    24. A Reading Nook

    25. A Giant Checkerboard

    26. A Working Train

    27. A Lazy River

    28. A Giant Pool Table