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29 Amazing Backyards That Will Blow Your Kids’ Minds

A roller coaster? Giant water slide? No problem!

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But as fun as a Slip N' Slide is, it can't touch the jaw-droppingly awesome things found in some of the world's most amazing backyards, things like:


5. A Supersized Tree House

Sarah Greenman /

Dallas-based grandparents Steve and Jeri Wakefield built this 100 square foot structure for their grandsons. It has a climbing wall, slide, and zip line!


13. A Fairy Tale Castle

Heinz and Hildegard Schonewolf of Dudweiler, Germany, spent 37 years of their life building this 350 square foot, liveable castle in their backyard. I want to go to there.


18. A Western Town

Retired dentist Jimmy Helms spent 14 years turning his backyard in Texas into something straight out of the Old West, complete with a general store, saloon, schoolhouse, and small church.

20. A Swing Unlike Any Other*iFixKKs-bnJ6*ScbhRUKY*vWrxlXmDIsylfiHNp5C1DrzkOuTWLR02fdiEK3rAFNFocKEVcrd68*flr2tx8YviL1lj9e4/lacasadelarbol1.jpg

Located at the edge of a cliff in in Baños, Ecuador, this swing takes those crazy enough to ride it over an enormous abyss.


28. A Giant Pool Table

Jason Jenkins / Rural Missouri Magazine

Former cage fighter Steve Wienecke built this 30 foot long pool table in his backyard, and yes, it is as awesome as it looks.

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