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23 Clever Crafts To Keep The Kids Busy On Thanksgiving

Because your kids are going to need something to do as they wait for the turkey.

1. Oreo Turkeys

Making something out of cookies and candy? You know your kids are in. Find the directions for these super cute turkeys here.

2. Nutter Butter Pilgrims

You can make them all goofy and cross-eyed. Learn how here.

3. Gumdrop Turkeys

Making these will be a fun exercise in learning colors. Try gumdrop turkeys.

4. TP Pilgrims and Native Americans

This craft is terrific for teaching kids about the history of thanksgiving, and makes good use out of empty toilet paper rolls to boot! See how to do it here.

5. Pine Cone Turkey

This turkey isn't made out of cookies and candy, but your kids will have a great time putting it together anyway. Find the directions here.

6. Turkey Placemats

There are a lot of leaves on the ground, so why not put them to good use? Find the how-to here.

7. Handprint Ship Thanksgiving Card

Your kids will love how their handprint turns into the Mayflower, and when they're finished they can give it to a loved one. Find the how-to here.

8. Thanksgiving Fortune Cookies

These are such a clever way to express thanks and give Thanksgiving blessings. Try these Thanksgiving fortune cookies.

9. Handprint Turkey Keepsakes

Say hello to your new handbag! Find the directions here.

10. Paper Boat

All you need are: craft paper, paper plates, and a couple straws. Find out how here.

11. Salad Spinner Turkeys

This craft is especially fun for preschoolers, and ingeniously uses a salad spinner to paint the turkey's midsection. Find the directions here.

12. Footprint Thanksgiving Turkey

Break the hand-turkey mold with this footprint turkey. Find the directions here.

13. Turkey Suncatcher

Everyone will marvel at how pretty it looks hanging in the window. Learn how here.

14. Thankful Tree

Teach your kids the importance of being thankful with this how-to.

15. Thankful Jar

You can also teach this important lesson by making a thankful jar.

16. Felt Turkeys

Parents will appreciate this turkey craft because it's not messy. Find the tutorial here.

17. Plymouth Rocks

Your kids can make one for each member of the family. Find the directions here.

18. Colorful Glove Turkey

Fill a latex glove with cereal to make a fun turkey craft. Even younger children can get in on the action. Find the how-to here.

19. Pilgrim Hat

Just know ahead of time that your kid will want to wear it at Thanksgiving dinner. Find directions here.

20. Glittery Turkey Treat Pots

These are ridiculously cute, but proceed with caution: glitter is involved. Lots and lots of glitter. Find out how here.

21. Fingerprint Turkeys

Want another adorable way to get your kid's hands dirty? Try fingerprint turkeys.

22. Pilgrim Crayon Holders

Make these before eating, then put them on the table for your kids to use at dinner. Find the how-to here.

23. Mayflower Craft

This super easy craft turns a used applesauce container into the Mayflower, and kids will love that it actually floats. Find the directions here.

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