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21 Reasons Birthday Cake Is, And Always Will Be, Better Than Cupcakes

Are you Team Cake or Team Cupcake?

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1. Kids have loved birthday cake for hundreds of years.

George Marks / Hulton Archive / Getty Images

In fact, the origins of eating cake to celebrate a birthday can be traced back to Roman times. Birthday cake is forever, people. Be gone, cupcakes!


7. There's nothing quite like when the lights are turned low and the cake is carried into the room.

Flickr: potatojunkie / Via Creative Commons

Everyone "oohs" and "aahs" over the glow of the candles. Nobody "oohs" and "aahs" over a cupcake.


10. Nobody feels special with cupcakes, though, because every kid gets the exact same thing. Even the birthday kid. Tragic, really.

Birthdays should not be a democracy. On your birthday you're the king, and the king gets the frosting rose!

11. Putting ice cream and cake on the same plate and then eating them together is glorious.

Flickr: eatdog888 / Via Creative Commons

You can't do this with a cupcake. Cupcakes say, "It's either me or ice cream, kid. Pick one and deal with it."