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21 Parents Who Made Us Laugh In 2015

Mom and Dad jokes aplenty.

1. The mom who hilariously edited her baby's photos with a makeup app.

2. The dad who showed off his baby's room in this hilarious parody of MTV Cribs.

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3. Illustrator Lucy Scott, whose Doodle Diary of a New Mom book was all too real.

4. These moms who sublimely mocked their sons' group selfie.

5. Ryan Reynolds, who dropped the dad LOLs on Twitter all year long.

6. Also, Jim Gaffigan, who never failed to document the funny side of #DadLife.

7. These moms who got drunk and talked about their kids.

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8. The dad who gave his daughter's homecoming date this hilarious warning.

9. This dad who perfected the art of the "dad text."

10. This proud mom.

Took my daughter to get preschool shots today. I know she's a bit young for alcohol, but we had to celebrate this new chapter in her life.

11. This dad who went all in on the whip and nae nae with his daughter.

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12. This dad who entered the "Dad Troll Hall of Fame" with just two words.

13. The mom behind this video which perfectly explained why parents can never get anything done.

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14. The dad whose "Shut Up And Dance" parody perfectly captured the no-sleep reality of having young kids.

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15. Utah dad Seth King, who spent the year writing his kids the funniest late notes ever.

16. This mom who sent her kid an Easter care package with a heaping of attitude.

17. This Dad who accidentally held his GoPro the wrong way on his entire Vegas vacation.

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18. Modern Family producer Danny Zuker, who continued his reign as the king of the inappropriate parenting tweet.

19. The mom who let her three-year-old son style her for a week.

20. The moms behind The Breakwomb, who imagined what it would be like if they spoke to adults the way they talk to their kids.

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21. And this mom who nailed the struggle of modern parenthood.

My parents had it so easy. When they gave me my first Polaroid, they never had to say "Oh and please don't take pictures of your junk."

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