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21 Fun And Original Ways To Keep Your Kids Busy On Thanksgiving

There's a lot more to do than just crafts.

1. Let your kids make homemade butter.

2. They can also make no-bake pumpkin pie.

3. Tell your kids some Thanksgiving jokes.

4. Download Thanksgiving props and have a fun photo shoot.

5. Play Thanksgiving bingo.

6. Have a turkey balloon rocket race.

7. Let them color, Thanksgiving style.

8. Turn old (or new) socks into cute little turkeys.

9. Make pumpkin spice playdough to play with.

10. Print out this seasonally appropriate word search.

11. Let your kids make a football turkey.

12. Stream Free Birds on Netflix.

13. You can also stream Addams Family Values on Netflix.

14. Ask your kids to perform a Thanksgiving song.

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Ask your kids to perform after dinner and they'll spend the hours leading up to dinner practicing their song! "Ten Little Turkeys" is fun too.

15. Have a scavenger hunt.

16. Play Turkey Tag.

17. Kids love Minute To Win It games too.

18. Get your kids giggling with these Thanksgiving-themed mad libs.

19. Give them restaurant-style activity place mats.

20. Play a few games of Thanksgiving turkey bowling.

21. Read one of these Thanksgiving-themed books.