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    21 Babies Who Look Remarkably Like Other People

    "My mom pointed out today that my baby looks like Winston Churchill."

    1. This baby who looks like Winston Churchill:

    My mom pointed out today that my baby looks like Winston Churchill. Google images proves her right

    2. This cutie who could have starred in Beetlejuice:

    Mollie as a baby looks like the guy from Beetlejuice I cant stop laughing

    3. The baby version of Lilo from Lilo & Stitch:

    “@QueenRaiyn: My mom said my baby looks like Lilo and I see it! 😂😂 ” my cousin girlfriend said the same thing 😂

    4. John Legend's tiny doppelgänger:

    This baby looks like he about to start singing 'Ordinary people'

    John Legend:

    5. This baby who has his Simon Pegg impression down cold:

    John (and also @heavydishongry) thinks our baby looks like Simon Pegg. He could do worse.

    6. This bundled sweetie who could march with the penguins:

    I was at the hospital all day with my sister and we decided the baby looks like a baby penguin lol 😍😂😘 @espywings

    7. This toddler who bears more than a passing (and shooting and rebounding) resemblance to Riley Curry, daughter of NBA superstar Stephen Curry:

    People in public say my baby looks like Riley Curry.. I don't think so lol. Maybe cause we live in the bay

    8. This baby who will be very familiar to people who grew up in the '80s watching Pob's Programme:

    Coming to terms with the fact that my baby looks like Pob

    9. This little guy who is lucky enough to look just like the coolest character in Horton Hears a Who:

    This picture of Kyle as a baby looks like the emo kid from Horton Hears a Who

    10. This cutie who is the prince of England, er, his local Target:

    @KensingtonRoyal This baby looks Like Prince George. !

    11. This baby who is basically a Transformer:

    this baby looks like he about to transform

    12. This baby who will watch The Princess Bride one day and see someone familiar:

    My son as a baby looks like Wallace Shawn, @LookAlikeCeleb_. #battleofwits, #vizzini

    13. Tyler the Creator as a baby, who looked uncannily like the adult Kendrick Lamar:

    Tyler as a baby looks like Kendrick 😂

    14. This real life Jack-Jack from The Incredibles:

    My baby looks like Jack Jack from The Incredibles.



    15. This little one who could star in an all-baby version of Mrs. Doubtfire:

    This baby totally looks like Mrs Doubtfire #funny

    16. Simon Cowell's cutie who looks a lot like Pubert from The Addams Family:

    Simon cowells baby looks like Pubert Addams

    17. This little guy who looks amazingly like his great grandfather:

    18. This kid who will be able to easily dress up like the Church Lady (or Garth or Hans) on Halloween:

    Dana Carvey:


    19. Beyoncé as a baby, who looked surprisingly like a Cabbage Patch Kid:

    Beyonce as a baby looks like a cabbage patch kid

    20. This real-life Boo from Monsters, Inc.:

    My baby looks like boo from monsters inc 😩😍

    21. And this baby who looks like he could have crawled out of Tarzan:

    My baby looks like baby Tarzan 😩😂😍

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