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    19 Snapchats You're Going To Hate Yourself For Laughing At

    Not ALL of the funniest stuff is on Twitter.

    1. This rule follower:

    funmemery / Via

    2. This budget hack:

    thestonedstarfish / Via

    3. This gender-swap of the Queen of England:

    u/TheBoyJohn / Via

    4. And this one of Han Solo:

    u/FuddieDuddies / Via

    5. This inconsiderate kitty:

    colasadism / Via

    6. And this rebellious chicken:

    brownnbread / Via

    7. This ALMOST correct guess:

    u/PaPoptata / Via

    8. This pilot who's a funny guy:

    u/pubstompmepls / Via

    9. This Harry Potter joke:

    u/jafatime / Via

    10. And this Kelis joke:

    11. This dad joke:

    12. And this one too:

    13. This filter fun at an art museum:

    u/liamh94 / Via

    14. This Disney gag:

    u/vegetation998 / Via

    15. This bit of awkwardness:

    u/SayThat1MoreAgain / Via

    16. This doomed vegetable:

    u/Nice_Nutts / Via

    17. This happy workout:

    U/ScorpionFishCow / Via

    18. This filter of Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker:

    u/napoleonboenaparte / Via

    19. And this straight-up LOL:

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