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    19 Weird Photos Of Things That Don't Look Anything Like They're Supposed Look

    "Is that what I think it is?"

    1. This baby with Jesus who looks way too much like Bobby Hill from King of the Hill:

    2. And this lens flare that looks surprisingly like Cartman from South Park:

    3. This pumpkin that looks like a Poké Ball:

    4. This dog that looks like William H. Macy:

    5. The inside of this grater, which looks like the coolest nightclub in the history of nightclubs:

    6. And the inside of this guitar, which looks like architectural brilliance:

    The inside of a guitar looks like an apartment I can't afford

    7. This tree that looks amazingly like broccoli:

    8. And these dozing men who look amazingly like, well, each other:

    9. This black cat that looks like the white cat's shadow:

    10. This fallen post that looks like a giant cigarette:

    11. And these water coolers that look like they're about to get married:

    12. This pup's paw that looks like a mini version of him:

    13. These moving blankets and rolls that look a whole lot like Cookie Monster:

    14. This driftwood that looks incredibly like a dragon's head:

    15. This plane's tinted windows that make it look like it's flying underwater:

    16. This mattress that looks like an ice cream sandwich:

    17. This bug on a windshield that looks about 40 feet tall:

    18. This septic tank that looks like Rafiki from The Lion King:

    19. And this rug pattern that looks frighteningly like Pennywise:

    H/T: r/mildlyinteresting