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19 Guilty Pleasures Parents Won't Ever Admit To

On the count of three let's just confess to loving this stuff, OK?

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10. Pixar movies.


You're totally fine with saying you enjoy taking your kid to these movies. You feel less confident, however, in admitting that you've watched them by yourself and really, really can't wait for the next one.


18. Eating your kid's leftovers.

"Honey! You barely ate any of your grilled cheese..."

(two seconds later)

"...which is fine by me. Mwahahahahaha!"

19. Lego.

Flickr: nathaninsandiego / Via Creative Commons

It's cool to joke about how much it hurts to step on a Lego brick, but maybe not quite as cool to talk about how much you still love playing with them. But you know what? You don't care.