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17 Pregnancy Horror Stories That Will Make You Cringe Then Laugh

"My father saw me topless. Boobs flapping in the wind, giant darkened nipples and all."

We recently asked the members of BuzzFeed Community to share their nightmare pregnancy moments:

1. "My obstetrician ended up being my high school boyfriend's father. Mid cervical exam he said, 'So this is what my son was getting into.'”

2. "I ate something that didn't agree with me, so I tried to poop but couldn't. Suddenly, with my pants still down by my ankles, I turned around and threw up into toilet. I threw up so forcefully that I pooped at the same time all over the floor."


—Kayla Davis, Facebook

3. "I was in line at the bank when both straps of my sundress simultaneously broke, causing the dress to fall completely off."


"The 25 or so other customers tried very hard to pretend that I wasn’t standing there in my maternity bra and circus tent-sized panties. A teller had to run over with a stapler to help me fix it all."


4. "I work at a Starbucks, and when I was approaching my due date a regular customer told me I 'looked ripe' and that pregnancy 'looked good on me.' Gross."

United Artists / Via Creative Commons

5. "I was nine months pregnant and decided to have sex to try to start labor."


"As I was on top of my husband I realized I'd peed a little on him. Mortified, I started to tell him what happened, and as he began laughing, I began laughing and then peed on him even more! Needless to say we didn’t try having sex to induce labor again."


6. "I couldn’t even speak I was so mad."


"I wrote — if I may say so myself — lovely notes, put them in envelopes, addressed them, paid for postage, then sent off ALL of my baby shower 'Thank You' cards. Unfortunately, pregnancy brain made me completely forget whose name goes where on the envelope. As I put them into the mail drop I thought to myself, 'Huh, why does everyone have my same zip code?'

I couldn’t even speak I was so mad when my husband pulled a stack of white envelopes out of our post office box a week later."


7. "I peed myself in line at a packed Nike outlet store. I had to nod and smile while everyone standing around me stared. Dead inside, I checked out, left, and cried all the way to the car and for three days straight afterward."

8. "I was induced with my son, so they had a student doctor come in during the labor process to check how dilated I was. The first time he tried to check he ended up sticking his fingers up my butthole!"

Lions Gate

9. "I'm embarking on the parenting journey solo, and as a result, I used a sperm bank and local fertility clinic to do the insemination."

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"My first try was in August, and it took! A few weeks later I was invited to a dinner party, and it turns out they'd also invited a family that was in town for the husband to do a fellowship at the hospital where the clinic is. They came in, and... It was the doc who physically injected sperm into me. We frantically made sure not to sit near each other and basically avoided eye contact for the entire evening."

—Muriel Abraham, Facebook

10. "I let out a fart while showering that was so heinous I threw up and peed. I then cried for good measure."

11. "In my third trimester I got ocular migraines. Basically, out of nowhere, I would start to see spots and flashes of light that would temporarily blind me for 30 minutes to an hour."


"One time I was stranded in the mall food court and another time I had to pull over on the side of the interstate. After I delivered, they went away. Hormones do strange things!"


12. "I was 30 weeks pregnant when I got the stomach virus from hell and ended up in the ER with dehydration."


"I had electrodes all over my chest and torso — getting an EKG — when I heard my father’s voice outside. The nurse politely told him they were doing some tests and that he needed to wait outside, but he said, 'It’s fine, I'm her dad,' and ripped open the privacy curtain. My father saw me topless. Boobs flapping in the wind, giant darkened nipples and all. Absolutely mortified."


13. "I had morning sickness while my husband was driving us home, so I made him pull to the side of the road. I ran out of the car and puked so hard that I peed and pooped myself."


"I got back in the car and didn’t say anything. My husband then started insisting on stopping to get a breakfast burrito. I told him I just wanted to get home, but he kept insisting on his damn breakfast burrito. I finally yelled, 'Fuck your breakfast burrito! I just shit, peed, and vomited on myself!' He drove me home."


14. "I'm a waitress, and when I was pregnant a female customer got shit faced drinking white zinfandel and basically molested my belly."

Screen Gems

"I was taking her table's order when she lifted my shirt, rubbed my bare stomach, then pressed her face up against my bump and started talking to the baby — all while I stood there asking if the table would like soup or salad."

—Sam Thompson, Facebook

15. "I was eight months pregnant with my third child and had to give a urine sample at the doctor's office."


"The bathroom was shared by two exam rooms with two doors to lock. As I was attempting to navigate a tiny cup under my gigantic belly, my 18-month-old (who wouldn’t leave my side) decided she was claustrophobic and started to thrash around. She flew backwards into the opposite door which flung open, along with my screaming toddler, much to the horror of the woman receiving her pap smear at that moment.

Of course my toddler was just out of reach as I tried to grab her ankle, all the while still squatting on the toilet holding the tiny cup between my legs. I finally made contact with her foot, slid her screaming into the bathroom with me, and closed the door."


16. "My belly button was sort of an outie before pregnancy, but when I got pregnant it really popped out. A sleazy car salesman co-worker of mine walked by my desk and told me my belly button was sexy. I still get shivers thinking about it."

Disney Channel


17. "My husband had a boys' night out that ended with him throwing up when he arrived home, and he locked himself in our only bathroom."


"I was eight months pregnant and had to pee. As I’m standing outside the bathroom waiting to get in the overwhelming stench of cat shit invaded my nasal cavity (we had a cat at the time that suffered from anxiety and would get diarrhea when he was stressed). My only escape was the front door.

Once outside I ended up throwing up so violently I lost control of my bladder and bowels right there on the front porch. The best part was I was only wearing a Hanky Panky thong. If any of my neighbors saw, they never said a word. The whole experience was more disgusting than labor."


Responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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