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What's The Most Awkward Thing That Happened To You While Pregnant?

Nine months of awkwardness.

They say pregnancy is beautiful — and it is — but it can also be awkward. So, so awkward.

For example, you might have had some "pregnancy wind" (aka gas) at the worst possible time.

Or maybe you had a sudden coughing fit at the mall and accidentally peed your pants.

Perhaps some creepy rando started rubbing your belly in public while saying you were glowing.

You might have been overwhelmed by morning sickness — while stuck in the middle of a pew at church — and threw up on someone's Sunday best.

Or maybe you went to an appointment for something awkward (like hemorrhoids) and the doctor or nurse was either super hot or from your high school.

Whatever it was, we want to know. Share your most awkward story below and it might appear in a future BuzzFeed Community post!