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15 Horror Stories About Overly Entitled, Spoiled, Or Just Plain Unlikable People

Yikes, where do these people come from?

We asked the BuzzFeed Community about the bad-behaving people they've encountered, and the resulting post was something else — but so were the comments! Here are the most jaw-dropping:

1. "My neighbor just received a settlement from a lawsuit but still asks his neighbors for money. Last night took the cake, though — he hired escorts and the moaning went on until 4 a.m. Even my 6-year-old heard it. Then, after we saw the girls leave at 6 a.m., he came over to ask me to borrow $50 for gas."

2. "My daughter worked at Sephora, and once — when the checkout line was really long — a woman cut in front of everyone saying, ‘I need to go first because I just know I’m spending more money today than the lot of you.'"


3. "I’m a server at the Cheesecake Factory, and the other day a lady complained that her bread was cold and hard. I apologized and said I would see what I could do. She then threw the bread — hitting me in the chest — and barked, 'Feel for yourself!'"


4. "A woman called our dentist office and requested an appointment at a specific date and time. When I told her there was already someone scheduled at that time, she had the audacity to say, 'Well, can’t you just MOVE them?'”

5. "I was working at a bagel shop when a man slipped and fell in the doorway, knocking himself unconscious and bleeding from his head. When the paramedics arrived and were working to save his life, two women had the gall to ask them to move so they could get inside, then yelled at me about how they were going to be late to their children’s soccer game because we weren’t accepting any orders until the situation was cleared up."


6. "Back in the '90s, my husband and I bought a $500 computer for his daughter for graduation. She said, 'Why should I say thank you? I didn't ask for it.'"

—Rosalyn S., Facebook

7. "I had a woman at the restaurant/bar I worked at get so drunk that she pissed herself. She then called the cops because we 'made her do it.'”

8. "I used to be a barista, and our worst customer was an overly entitled soccer mom who was never pleasant and very condescending. One day, she threw a coffee at me, screaming that I'd made it wrong. I looked at the cup and it wasn't even her coffee — it had someone else's name on it."

"She was shocked that my manager told her to leave and started screaming that she needed a refund. She left only after my manager called the cops."


9. "At a bowling alley, I saw a toddler dump out an entire giant soda in front of their mom, who looked up from her phone, laughed, and did nothing. The kid then started playing in it. They left half an hour later leaving soda everywhere and on everything around the lane."


10. "I work at a restaurant, and one of our servers complimented a woman on her purse hanging over her chair. The woman responded, 'Oh, honey, you’ll never be able to afford this.'"

11. "A woman threw a fit at graduation because they wouldn't let her through the handicapped-accessible door (she wasn't handicapped). When she was told she had to climb the stairs like everyone else, she got so irrationally angry that she cussed out the building staff."


12. "I was in a school performance of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe when the kid playing the centaur (who everyone knew was upset about not getting a lead role) didn’t come onstage during a performance, and another actor had to say his lines for him. During the intermission we found him in the bathroom on his phone playing games. When we asked him why he didn’t come onstage, he replied, 'I had to finish level 7.'”


13. "I worked at Burger King when the power went out and we had to close. I'd just put up signs saying there was no power and we were closed when some dude with three kids in tow pounded on the door to be let in. I pointed to the sign, mouthing, 'Sorry.' He went nuts, pounding the door and screaming that his kids were going to starve, and it would all be my fault. Took 10 minutes before he finally gave up."

14. "Years ago I was at a concert in a verrrrrrry long line for the ATM when a woman dressed to the nines came to the front and demanded to go next. She was super snotty and kept saying, 'But I'm with LUONGO' (the goalie for the Canucks). She pointed to a guy about 20 feet away just staring at us. It was, in fact, Luongo, but nobody would let her in line."

"Sorry, lady, you can wait just like the rest of us had to."


15. "I work reception at a vet and we had a puppy rushed in who wasn't breathing. A guy who was waiting asked me how long he'd have to wait for his pet's appointment and I apologized and explained about the puppy. He huffed and said, 'It's taking a long time, isn't it?!' His appointment was for his guinea pig to have a nail trim."


Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.

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