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    16 People Share The Most Entitled Thing They've Ever Seen Anyone Do, And Wow, Just Wow

    This is their world and we're just living in it, I guess.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community about the most entitled thing they've ever seen anyone do, and the responses are really something else:

    1. "At a meet and greet with Santa, a woman shoved her way through the entire line to the front with her two very embarrassed children. She then cornered Santa and wouldn’t let him greet any other children until hers had been greeted first."

    2. "One of my fellow teachers informed her first grade class on the first day that it was time to clean up. One little girl kept playing, and when my coworker reminded her to start cleaning up, the little girl — without even making eye contact — said, 'I don’t clean things up. When does the maid get here?'"


    3. "I was standing in a buffet line when an older woman tapped me on the shoulder. She said, 'I already waited in line earlier,' and stepped right in front of me."

    4. "At the airport a couple had pushed together bench chairs and were sleeping on them, blocking everyone from moving around them. As the waiting area became more congested, they woke up but didn’t move so other people could sit. Elderly people were forced to stand around, waiting, while this couple reclined together on at least ten seats."


    5. "I worked as a guard at one of London’s most famous art galleries which had the clearly-indicated policy that there was no photography of the exhibits. One day a guy pulled out his camera, so I said, 'No photography please!' This fully grown man’s mother yelled back, 'OH, ITS OK — WE’RE AMERICAN!'"

    6. "I worked in an office with a communal kitchen, and was washing my mug when a man from the office upstairs came in, waving his mug, and said, 'Where shall I put this for you to wash?' I didn’t respond initially because I was flabbergasted, so he must have assumed I didn’t speak English and said, very slowly and very loud, 'I leave here. You wash. OK?' while gesturing with his hands."


    7. "I worked at a phone company and took a call where a customer complained she couldn't use the Disney app on her phone. Turns out she didn't have a smartphone, so of course she couldn't use it! She then proceeded to shriek at me —while in Disney World — about how I'd personally ruined her vacation because now she can't find out line times."

    8. "When I was 6 years old I was playing with my toy when a boy in my building came up and told me that I needed to give it to him because he would use it more."


    9. "A close friend and I surprised a mutual (now former) friend with a ticket to a concert for her birthday. We'd both saved up and paid for everything including amazing seats. When we got to the venue, Former Friend started bitching about how her aunt bought her cousin tickets and she 'just knew' that her cousin’s seats would be way better than ours."

    10. "At a cafe a mother and her two young daughters were at the table next to me. The mom was on her phone the whole time, and when one of her daughters knocked over her drink, she barely looked up. The mom then quickly went back to her phone as a worker wiped up the floor. Not even a 'sorry' or 'thank you.'"


    11. "My mother-in-law think she's entitled to post people's private information on her public Facebook account. If you tell her something in confidence, you can be sure it'll be on her page within minutes, along with her opinion. She says she needs to do it because her friends will worry if she doesn't post frequently. Obviously no one tells her anything anymore."

    12. "I got on the elevator at work and this woman who I already knew was TERRIBLE got on at the last second. She leaned against the wall, crossed her arms, and gave me a look like, 'Bitch, are you going to press the button for my floor or what?'"


    13. "My dad gave my 15-year old cousin a job on a building site for his summer break. My cousin showed up for two days, called in sick for the next two, then resigned on the fifth day. A month later my dad got a request to endorse my cousin's LinkedIn where he had listed the job under employment history."

    14. "When my kids were young I always volunteered at their school even when I was working crazy hours. One year I was tasked with calling other parents to get more volunteers for an end-of-year event, and one mom said, 'I'm sorry, I can’t help because I'm going through a really stressful time.' I told her that I hoped everything was OK, and she replied, 'Oh, you know, there’s just always so much to do this time of year, closing down our house, packing up, and getting ready to go to our beach house for the summer!'”


    15. "I used to work with a woman who shared a birthday with her husband. One year they threw a joint party and invited everyone from work. Normal, right? Except they registered for gifts. Both of them. And they expected everyone to buy two gifts, one from each registry. And no one at work even knew her husband!"

    16. "I’m a nurse and once a patient rang her call bell to ask for some pain medication moments before another patient went into cardiac arrest. All of the nurses jumped in to resuscitate the man, and as we were doing chest compressions we suddenly heard, 'EXCUUUUSE ME! I asked for my pain medication over ten minutes ago!' We glanced over and saw this woman standing in the doorway, one arm propped on her hip."

    "She then had the audacity to scoff when the incoming doctors and code blue team asked her to step out of the doorway. A fellow nurse literally had to push her out of the way and say, 'Read the room lady.'"


    Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.

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