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    We Made U.S. Senator Mark Warner Play “Startup Or Made Up”

    He was pretty good at it.

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    Senator Mark Warner spent a few days in San Francisco this week, meeting with tech companies, trying out virtual reality, and experiencing the chilly summer weather in the city by the bay. He stopped by the BuzzFeed office to talk about contract labor and the future of work, and while he was here we sat him down to play a quick round of "Startup or Made Up," a game we…made up.

    1. Thuuz

    Michelle Rial / BuzzFeed

    "If I'm wrong, it should be made up, because it's a pretty crummy name."

    Incorrect! Thuuz is “an award-winning mobile and connected TV service revolutionizing how sports fans discover and connect to sports programming.”

    2. OOOOOC

    Michelle Rial / BuzzFeed

    Correct! OOOOOC is a startup. But it's not from the Bay Area.

    3. Swrve

    Michelle Rial / BuzzFeed

    Correct! Swrve is a startup, and people in the Valley are bad at spellyng.


    Michelle Rial / BuzzFeed

    Incorrect! is not a startup. is not based in New York.

    5. Scrumpt

    Michelle Rial / BuzzFeed

    6. Broto

    Michelle Rial / BuzzFeed

    "I would think it would be a startup about hobbits, but I think, because it seems too obvious, that it's made up."

    Correct! We were thinking "photos, but for bros."

    7. Waffle

    Michelle Rial / BuzzFeed

    Correct! Waffle is a startup. Touché, Senator, touché.

    8. Lentl

    Michelle Rial / BuzzFeed

    "That's a startup that comes from Seattle because it's all about nuts and granola and healthy eating."

    Incorrect! Bad news: Lentl is not a startup. Good news: can be purchased for "only $2,995."

    9. Prezense

    Michelle Rial / BuzzFeed

    Incorrect! From TechCrunch Disrupt 2015 brochure: "Prezense specializes in premium quality, immersive consumer marketing experiences for everywhere mobile Virtual Reality."

    Final count: 5/9

    Michelle Rial / BuzzFeed


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