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People Are Mad That Madonna Made A Tribute To Aretha Franklin All About Herself

"White women will make even your death about their imaginary oppression."

Tonight at the MTV Video Music Awards, Madonna paid tribute to Aretha Franklin, who died last week at the age of 76.

Madonna took the stage before awarding Camila Cabello with Video Of The Year, and used the opportunity to tell a long story about herself and how she came into the industry.

People online criticised Madonna for somehow making a tribute to the late and great Aretha, all about herself.

They ended the show on the most disrespectful note by having Madonna spend 10 minutes talking about herself while “honoring” Aretha and then giving the award to a racist lmao

I’m so lost. I thought Madonna was supposed to be paying homage to Aretha but I all heard was her paying homage to herself. HEAVY on the Mayonnaise......

me still trying to figure out if Madonna was tributing herself or Aretha Franklin... #VMAs

Madonna really gentrified an entire tribute to Aretha with more anecdotes than a Presidential candidate. You gotta be kidding me... #VMAs

Especially as her speech detailed her own trials, focusing more on her own career than that of the woman she was supposed to be honouring.

Madonna talking about guitar lessons, Paris baguettes and her ass hanging out while she looked for a stiletto with the image of Aretha Franklin behind her is everything I expected from the #VMAs

MTV: We'd like you to give a tribute to Aretha Franklin Madonna: Great, so this is how I got my career started... MTV: No, no, a tribute to Aretha Madonna: So I said "bitch, I'm Madonna" MTV: This isn't about you madge Madonna: Look at my African jewelry #VMAs

White women will make even your death about their imaginary oppression. I’m so tired.

People are genuinely offended that this is how MTV chose to pay tribute to Aretha Franklin.

Sooo playing Aretha’s songs during the ending credits and having Madonna dressed as a witch doctor while talking about herself was the tribute ? #VMAs https://t.co/kYtKOl52Y8

You do not disrespect an ICON like that. This is a jovial kiki about Madonna’s broken ass journey. You honor a legend by telling their story or SHUT UP. The AUDACITY.

I hope the vmas plan to issue a public apology for allowing Madonna to disrespect Aretha Franklin's legacy like that #VMAs

Though, this is not the first time Madonna has gotten heat for an awards show tribute. She also received backlash following a performance of "Purple Rain" to honour Prince at the 2016 Billboard Awards.

BuzzFeed has reached out to Madonna's representatives for comment.