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19 Things You Know If You Fucking Love A Sausage Sizzle

You either love a sausage sizzle, or you're a fucking liar aye.

1. You have strong opinions about the type of bread that makes it a true sausage sizzle.

2. And you're passionate about the angle at which the sausage should sit in the bread.

3. You think slicing the sausage is a crime against Australia.

4. You know the only condiments a classic sizzle needs is some onions and tomato sauce.

5. But only if those onions are white, not red.

6. And only if they're sliced in rings, not diced.

7. The addition of cheese, pickles, or slaw, is just straight up offensive.

8. You despise when people call it a hotdog.

9. And you really don't have time for any of these new ~fancy~ sausage flavours.

10. You think that a cheeky sausage sizzle in the Bunnings carpark is close enough to fine dining.

11. Plus you really look forward to elections for those free democracy sausages.

12. You know that a little bit of charring is absolutely welcome, and encouraged.

13. And that sausages are a necessity for every single backyard BBQ.

14. You know that the best sausage sizzles are free...

15. ...but if you have to pay for one, you'll never fork out more than a couple gold coins.

16. And that the best sizzle accompaniment is an ice-cold can straight out of the stall esky.

17. You're fine with the inevitable shirt-sauce drip and wear it with pride.

18. And you've got no shame in buying some homebrand snags and bread.

19. Because you know it's not about the brands or cost, it's all about the experience.

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