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19 Things You Know If You Fucking Love A Sausage Sizzle

You either love a sausage sizzle, or you're a fucking liar aye.

1. You have strong opinions about the type of bread that makes it a true sausage sizzle.

Instagram: @birb_and_beauty / Via

White. Sliced. No more, no less.

2. And you're passionate about the angle at which the sausage should sit in the bread.

Facebook: @Deb Janes / Via

3. You think slicing the sausage is a crime against Australia.

Flickr: @Trudie Davidson / Via Flickr: tad2106

True Australians take the whole thing.

4. You know the only condiments a classic sizzle needs is some onions and tomato sauce.

Instagram: @martinqhgoh / Via

5. But only if those onions are white, not red.

Instagram: @amygriffiths / Via

6. And only if they're sliced in rings, not diced.

Instagram: @hypa_syc / Instagram: @mandymufffin / Via /

7. The addition of cheese, pickles, or slaw, is just straight up offensive.

Instagram: @melonbomb / Via

If you want to play that game, get a hotdog.

8. You despise when people call it a hotdog.

Instagram: @jarrahjungle / Via

Bitch where??

9. And you really don't have time for any of these new ~fancy~ sausage flavours.

Instagram: @kerrie_ahern / Via

Chicken, camembert, and onion sausage? Lol, bye.

10. You think that a cheeky sausage sizzle in the Bunnings carpark is close enough to fine dining.

Instagram: @gale_the_whale / Via

11. Plus you really look forward to elections for those free democracy sausages.

Instagram: @australianteens / Via

12. You know that a little bit of charring is absolutely welcome, and encouraged.

Instagram: @nepeanphysiohydro / Via

13. And that sausages are a necessity for every single backyard BBQ.

Instagram: @sweeteating / Via

14. You know that the best sausage sizzles are free...

Instagram: @g1ge / Via

15. ...but if you have to pay for one, you'll never fork out more than a couple gold coins.

Instagram: @melbourneoutriggers / Via

16. And that the best sizzle accompaniment is an ice-cold can straight out of the stall esky.

Instagram: @catholeee / Via

17. You're fine with the inevitable shirt-sauce drip and wear it with pride.

Twitter: @50shadesofCae / Via Twitter: @50shadesofCae

18. And you've got no shame in buying some homebrand snags and bread.

Instagram: @sydunisport / Via

19. Because you know it's not about the brands or cost, it's all about the experience.

Instagram: @talita.berndt / Via

Sizzle on, and prosper. 🇦🇺 🇦🇺

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