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OK Morons, It’s Time To Stop Eating Sausage Sandwiches Horizontally

We take our sausage placement very seriously.

Having a casual sausage sizzle is one of our nation's greatest summer traditions.

Whether you're having a BBQ at your place...

...or swinging by Bunnings to help cure a hangover...

...everyone loves a sausage sizzle.

And, while preferences in toppings may vary, there really is only ONE way to enjoy your sausage and bread combo.


Idiots who put their sausage lengthways are just getting a completely messed-up bread-to-sausage ratio. Your sausage hangs out the ends and there's too much empty bread up top.

A rarer but still valid method is to slice your snags lengthways and layer in your bread.

But tbh it's not really an option unless you have a table and some cutlery.

  1. How do you eat your sausage sizzle?

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How do you eat your sausage sizzle?
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    Diagonally because I'm not an idiot.
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    Sideways because I don't enjoy nice things.
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    I cut it up because I have a lot of time and plates on my hands.

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