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A Definitive Ranking Of Every Two-Letter Scrabble Word Based On Definition

A ranking you didn't know you needed.

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To date, there are 105 two-letter words playable in the game of Scrabble. The following ranking has nothing to do with point values.

All definitions provided by the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary. While many of these words have several meanings, I chose to use the first definition listed.



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Definition: "the 3rd person sing. neuter pronoun"

OR the terrifying movie that is responsible for me having to pull back the shower curtain every time I'm in a bathroom.



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Definition: "a Hebrew letter"

Visually I like how "FE" looks more than "PE." "Fe" also doesn't remind me of high school gym class, which was undeniably my worst subject.


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Definition: "the seventh tone of the diatonic musical scale"

Reminder that "si" and "te" both mean "ti." So I guess this makes "ti" the most important tone. Congrats "ti."


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Definition: "used to express protest, disgust, or disbelief"

Better definition: used to express how cute a dog is when you pass it on the street but can't pet it since you're not sure if it's ok with the owner, so you audibly react instead.


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Definition: "used to express assent or satisfaction"

"Mm mm mm" —Me as I bite into the grilled cheese that is the only thing salvaging my sanity as I continue writing this ridiculous post.


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Definition: "hmm"

Perfect for when you don't know how to respond to someone. For example, I'll send my manager this post and say, "Hey Matt, what do you think?" and he'll probably reply, "Hm," because it'll have rendered him speechless and not in a good way.


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Definition: "the heraldic color gold"

This word easily could have ended up with the rest of the usuals up top, but thankfully Merriam-Webster decided to provide us with the more interesting definition.


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Definition: "born with the name of"

I love this one even though it's kind of useless. It's basically a way to say "formerly known as." If I ever change my name I'll be sure to use it.


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Definition: "a white garment worn in martial arts"

Of the newest additions to the two-letter approved words, "gi" is the best. We needed another G word and the people delivered.