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27 Times Riley Curry Was Too Darn Cute In 2015

You the real MVP, Riley.

1. When she was the perfect little sous chef.

@ayeshacurry / Via

2. When she actually made the duckface work.

@ayeshacurry / Via

3. When she got all matchy-matchy on us.

@ayeshacurry / Via

4. When she couldn't wait to be a big sister.

@ayeshacurry / Via

5. And quickly proved she's going to be the best one ever.

@ayeshacurry / Via

6. Seriously, it really looks like she's loving this whole big sister thing!

@ayehsacurry / Via

7. When she whipped and nae nae'd her way into the hearts of just about everyone.

8. And later showed Jeremy Lin and her dad how it's done.

9. When she showed off her many talents like swimming...

10. ...horseback riding...

@stephencurry30 / Via

11. ...and even animal whispering.

@ayeshacurry / Via


12. When she was stuntin' like her daddy.

@ayeshacurry / Via

13. And like her mama!

@ayeshacurry / Via

14. When she perfected her dance routine.

15. And was the cutest little cheerleader on the sidelines.

@ayeshacurry / Via

16. When she wanted her ankles taped just like dad.

@dmarjones / Via

17. When she made the most perfect face.

18. When she got right up on stage at the Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Sports Awards.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

19. When she made a guest appearance during her mom's cooking segment.

CSN / Via

20. And stole the show during her dad's interview with Jimmy Kimmel.

ABC / Via

21. AND when she actually gave us a reason to watch the postgame conferences.

22. Really, though.

NBA / Via

23. This girl is a STAR.

NBA / Via

24. When she copied her dad's signature celebration move.

ABC / Via

25. When she was just lovin' that confetti at the Warriors Victory Parade.

Stephen Lam / Getty Images

26. When she made her modeling debut because LOOK AT HER.

27. And when she reminded us all how #blessed we are to have her.

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