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This Glasses Hack Confirms Ali Wong Is A Genius

She done did it.

I was watching Ali Wong's stand-up special for the 49th time last night when I had a thought: Damn, I want some sliced mangoes.

But then, my second thought was: Where the hell does this woman get her glasses?

So I took my question to the ol' Google machine, where I found this Reddit AMA with Ali in which someone posed the exact same question.

And what I discovered will make all spectacled readers rethink their entire glasses collection.

Apparently — *takes long sip of iced oat milk latte* — Ali Wong's iconic red frames were originally a pair of sunglasses, which she then converted into prescription glasses. 😱😱😱

Here is what Ali's red frames look like in their original form:

And here's how they look in her special:

This discovery prompted me to look through pictures of all her glasses, which I consequently realized all had a distinctly oversized-sunglasses-frame look.

For example, are these former sunglasses or prescription glasses?

Okay, these were definitely metallic sunglasses she bought at the Venice boardwalk at some point.

Damn it, Ali Wong, you are a sunglasses-converting genius.

These probably looked fugly as sunglasses but as prescription glasses? FASHUN, BITCH.

Today I'm grateful for Ali Wong, who's just gifted me with a million more prescription glasses options.

You can watch her rock even more pairs of huge glasses on Always Be My Maybe.

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