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    17 Times Ali Wong Spoke Hilarious Truths About Adulthood

    So savage.

    1. On fitness:

    If I ever do a nude scene, I want to be in shape just enough so nobody calls me "courageous" for doing it.

    2. On the good old days:


    3. On how proposals actually happen:

    4. On retail outlets:

    Why is there even a Gap Outlet? Isn't that just Old Navy? Why is there even an Old Navy Outlet? Isn't that just Goodwill?

    5. On wealth:

    6. On necessary conveniences::

    Bathroom stalls w/o purse hooks are fucking primitive. My mom didn't come to this country so I could shit with my backpack on

    7. On Asian men:

    8. On the true meaning of DIY:

    DIY stands for "you should've married someone with more money"

    9. On dating:

    10. On HPV:

    So unfair that HPV is undetectable in males. HPV is a ghost that lives inside men's bodies, and then says BOO in women's bodies.

    11. On interracial relationships:

    12. On picking your enemies:

    Some advice for all my fellow Asian-Americans: Never go paintballing with a Vietnam veteran.

    13. On adult interests:


    14. On people who do yoga:

    Yoga is Simon Says for adults who have lotsa free time

    15. On real relationship goals:

    16. On financial aspirations:

    17. On skater boys:


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