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    21 Fan Tweets That Sum Up What It's Like Watching Season 1 Of "The Bear"

    You'll want to add this to your TV watchlist.

    There's a new chef in town.

    Jeremy Allen White and Liza Colón-Zayas in The Bear

    Season 1 of The Bear recently debuted on Hulu starring Jeremy Allen White, Ayo Edebiri, Ebon Moss-Bachrach, and more. The story? A young chef named Carmy returns to Chicago to help run his family's sandwich shop after his brother's death.

    Jeremy Allen White, Lionel Boyce and Ebon Moss-Bachrach in The Bear

    Fans have been raving about the series and just got news that it was picked up for another season.

    Ayo Edebiri in The Bear

    If you've binged all the episodes or plan to watch the show next, here's what audiences have had to say about The Bear so far. Take a look:


    Watched #TheBearFX in a day and WOW I needed another season yesterday

    Twitter: @oliviandent


    I’m actively in therapy to help me stop falling in love with men who look like this but The Bear on Hulu is worth the mental set back. #TheBear #hulu

    © FX on Hulu / Twitter: @Nikkis817


    my wife: can you get me a glass of water me, just watched the bear: YES CHEF ONE WATER ALL DAY my wife: you don’t have to- me: CORNER

    Twitter: @ben_rosen


    wild how i went from “yeah i guess i’ll check out The Bear” to “i will die if FX on Hulu doesn’t renew The Bear” in the matter of three days

    Twitter: @KevinLempke


    Absolutely enjoying this cast rn #TheBear

    © FX on Hulu / Courtesy Everett Collection / Twitter: @SADOFILMS


    Twitter: @ForeverSymone


    If you’ve worked in a kitchen before, check out #TheBear on @hulu. It’s pure chaos, fast-paced, and will take you right back to getting yelled at. Anyone else get flashbacks?

    Twitter: @tschrack


    #TheBear grabbed me in the first 10 minutes. I love the look of this show

    Twitter: @writerbxtch


    Man. Stop what you’re doing and go watch all of #TheBearFX. Incredible.

    Twitter: @GameOverGreggy


    I'm on my Carmy x Sydney slow burn agenda. The girls that get it, get it; the girls who don't, don't #TheBear

    © FX on Hulu / Twitter: @Namaariayaaaa


    Chef’s kiss to these brilliant ladies 👏🏻 @ayoedebiri @lizacolonzayas @elliottdotabby #thebear

    © FX on Hulu / Twitter: @KerriKenney


    he means everything to me!!!! #TheBearFX

    Matt Dinerstein / FX /  Twitter: @v4mpfilm


    Episode 7 of #TheBear is one of the best single episodes of any tv show I’ve ever watched. Masterpiece.

    Twitter: @Philthhy


    #TheBear is amazing! Raw, chaotic and an incredible character study. Every performance was on point and is so worth your time.

    Twitter: @MikeSpielmanVA


    okay wow #TheBear needs a trigger warning, as someone who's been in kitchens, this shit is the most stressful and realistic depiction of working in a kitchen. legit got ptsd from it, this is gonna be a great show

    Twitter: @christiancin3ma


    carmy during episode 7 of the bear

    FOX / Twitter: @revofash


    Calling every person I see in public today “chef” because I watched two episodes of The Bear

    Twitter: @ecareyo


    I’ve never felt more seen watching a show than hearing the chefs reply to each other with “HEARD” in a normal conversation outside the kitchen #TheBearFX

    Twitter: @lovegabbyy_


    Carmy don’t care if the sky falls, they open in two hours #TheBearFx

    Twitter: @carmool


    me enjoying The Bear while Chicagoans argue about the show’s inaccuracies

    FOX / Twitter: @writtenbyirene


    this screenshot did more for the bear than any advertising could

    © FX on Hulu / Twitter: @ianamurray

    Have you had a chance to watch The Bear? Share your review in the comments!