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    26 Rock Stars Every Emo Kid Had A Crush On In The '00s

    Let me pour you a glass of water first...

    1. Pete Wentz will forever be your #MCM courtesy of those tattoos and smoldering eyes.

    Island / Via

    Hot damn, the things I would have happily given to be that bass. The thirst was ~so~ real.

    2. Only Travis Clark could pull off that fresh outta bed look in such a stylish and effortless way.

    Brian Ach / Getty Images

    3. Honestly, it was Billie Joe Armstrong's smudged eyeliner that made your eyes sparkle.

    Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images

    4. Taylor Jardine always knew how to kick that teenage angst in the ass.

    Hopeless Records / Via

    5. Seriously, Gabe Saporta was a tall drink of water. Yes, please.

    Scott Gries / Getty Images

    6. Tyson Ritter could pull off a fedora like nobody's biz. And that ain't no easy feat.

    Charley Gallay / Getty Images

    7. From Hey Monday frontwoman to being the Season 3 winner of The Voice, Cassadee Pope is still ~dreamy~ as ever.

    Jeff Fusco / Getty Images

    8. Diehard fans of The Academy Is... always knew William Beckett's hips never, ever lied.

    Ethan Miller / Getty Images

    9. Pierre Bouvier had that boy-next-door vibe, but in a hot musician kind of way.

    Bryan Bedder / Getty Images

    10. You're still swimming in Jared Leto's deep baby blues.

    Afp / AFP / Getty Images

    11. Travis Barker always looked bangin' AF while bangin' on those drums.

    Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

    12. Taylor Momsen went from Gossip Girl to badass scene queen.

    Bryan Bedder / Getty Images

    13. Alex Gaskarth's sexy emo 'do had your full attention.

    Scott Gries / Getty Images

    14. You couldn't help but swoon over JT Woodruff's *bang flips* and emo ballads.

    Ethan Miller / Getty Images

    15. Trace Cyrus always made you want to ๐ŸŽถ shake, shake, shake, shake, shake iiiiit. ๐ŸŽถ

    Scott Gries / Getty Images

    16. One look from Derek Sanders as he sang those heartbreaking lyrics instantly made you melt like butter.

    Fearless Records / Via

    17. TBH, Gerard Way will always hold the key to emo hearts everywhere.

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    Here's hoping for that MCR reunion...*fingers crossed*

    18. Who says playing keytar can't be sexy? Because Victoria Asher proved it totally is.

    Jeff Fusco / Getty Images

    19. All you really wanted was for Andrew McMahon to serenade you endlessly with his sweet, sweet melodies.

    Michael Buckner / Getty Images

    20. Amy Lee brought all the emos to liiiife.

    Scott Gries / Getty Images

    21. You couldn't help but be crazy over Bert McCracken when he was rocking out on stage.

    Reprise / Via

    22. Emo hearts were on fire for Hayley Williams's stellar hair. #WCW, anyone?

    Scott Gries / Getty Images

    23. Adam Lazzara may have sung "You're So Last Summer," but he definitely wasn't that.

    Mat Szwajkos / Getty Images

    24. BRB, reminicising on all those hot summer days on the Vans Warped Tour. Was it the heat or just Vic Fuentes?!

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    25. You ~Hands Down~ couldn't help but swoon over Chris Carrabba's cute AF face.

    Sean Gardner / Getty Images

    26. You'd be lying if you said Brendon Urie didn't ๐ŸŽถ get these teen hearts beating faster, faster. ๐ŸŽถ He even had a way of making those paisley prints look so damn sexy.

    Sean Gardner / Getty Images
    Fueled By Ramen / Via

    Oh, and I can't possibly forget to mention that he transformed into this?! Emo boys for ~life.~ ๐Ÿ‘€

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