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    • michelekh

      This list is pretty lame. Disney makes a lot of creepy implications in it’s movies that can be used as much better examples than what’s on this list. While we’re on the subject, here’s something to consider: the role of older women. Evil stepmothers, old ugly hags plotting and scheming, old ugly witches, creepy sexually aggressive predators, doddering old scatterbrains, even the sweet(ish) mother from Brave gets turned into a mean bear who turns against her blossoming young daughter. I think Disney can do a better job of portraying grown-up princesses.

    • michelekh

      I used to be a black Friday shopper until I had a REAL job when I had to work on Friday. Now I make a list, usually order most stuff online in plenty of time and still get great sales, no hassles. But I think stores really encourage this mob rush mentality and now it’s a problem. They don’t start the “sale” until 6:00am on Friday (or midnight), the sales are “one day only,” they offer customers bigger and bigger gift cards for the first 50 or 100 in the door, and if you go to the store on the deserted Sunday afternoon, the store is completely “sold out.” It’s as if stores would rather sell everything out on one day all at the same time instead of providing good customer service throughout the year.

    • michelekh

      After reading this list, no wonder these people are all divorced! Like the guy who says fighting is full-contact, no holds barred - -that is truly lousy advice. Or the person who thinks they can go out to dinner as a couple and then not have anything to talk about when they get home - -that’s a problem. Or the guy who says you have to have a “real connection” to have sex on the hood of a car. Sounds like quickie show-boat sex was ALL they had. Here’s some advice - -be respectful, be kind, do whatever you can for your spouse, be less selfish, work to make each other’s dreams and goals come true, and realize that no matter what happens to you both during the day, you are going to share your bed that night.

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