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The 17 Best Ways To Annoy A British Person

How to anger, alienate, and sadden a British person in 17 easy steps.

1. Make them a cup of tea without properly boiling the water first.

2. And then just leave the bag in for way too long, as if the length of time the bag is in the cup has nothing to do with anything.

3. Fail to fill up their pint all the way as if this is not an assault on all that is good and sacred in the world.

4. Neglect to buy your round. Actually, why not just go ahead and fail to understand the concept of a round entirely?

5. Actually take the last biscuit when they ask you if you want it.

6. Willfully fail to understand the difference between a football and a handegg.

7. Fake a British accent at length and expect them to find it amusing.

8. Violate the sanctity of a queue.

9. Use this totally accurate translation guide in conversation.

10. Talk about Sherlock Holmes as if he's a historical figure.

11. Have no real concept of baked beans.

12. Sit next to them on the bus when there are other open seats.

13. Wear an awful "Keep Calm And ..." gag T-shirt.

14. Serve any kind of light beer.

15. Ask them what the deal is with their taps.

16. Praise them publicly.

17. Ask them if they're Australian.