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Kanye West Called Out Wiz Khalifa On Twitter And It Was Incredible

"I went to look at your Twitter and you were wearing cool pants." —Kanye West. UPDATE: BuzzFeed News ran into Kanye at the airport and asked him to comment on the whole sordid ordeal.

Last night, Wiz Khalifa offered his opinions on Kanye West's forthcoming album, now titled Waves.

Khalifa sent a series of tweets last night, which were presumably about West (even though he didn't directly mention his fellow rapper).

He's the reason I sing on all my songs. That's the wave. If theres nothing wit that sound ITS NOT WAVY.

He followed up by tweeting about what kind of music is actually ~wavy~ in his opinion.

Just so you know what true waves are. https://t.co/Mot3ab1Kuu

Not one to keep quiet, Kanye took to Twitter on Wednesday afternoon and began a tweetstorm to end all tweetstorms.

It began like this...

...and then West honed in on his target.

And from that moment, he berated everything from Khalifa's style of dress...

...to the kind of music he makes.

The tweetstorm didn't stop. Some were difficult to decipher, like this one:

Some were more straightforward:

But Kanye was not done. He was far from done. Next, he went for Wiz's pants.

And his music...again.

Then there was this subtle dig at Amber Rose, the ex-girlfriend of both rappers.

The rant continued — and got dark at some points.

Kanye warned Wiz not to come for him. Ever.

Because he's Wiz's elder and demands to be treated as such.

According to Kanye, he heavily influenced Khalifa, at least in terms of style.

He credited Kid Cudi, as well.

The rant continued for nearly half an hour.

It just would not end.

At all.

West did not mince his words.

And called out Wiz for being uncreative.

And, at some point, apparently tried to call Wiz?!

The remainder of the rant was just a rehash of everything that had been said before.

With more tweets about Wiz's style, which Kanye might actually admire? Minus the pants?

But regardless, he wanted Wiz and everyone to know that tall and skinny or not, he's the greatest artist of all time.

And he ended up driving home the point that Wiz should never cross him.

Maybe this was all for extra promotion?

AND THEN Kanye tweeted that actually, wait, he loves Wiz!

Peace and positive energy!

Waves is a gospel album!


Wiz did respond, but not much.

He had joints to roll.

And that's how things go from 0 to 100, kids.

Kanye kept tweeting, y'all.

How did Lucifer get into this?

Er, OK, Kanye.

I don't know how to "either" anyone but it sounds painful.

Glad you had time to reflect and get some clarity on things, Kanye.

And then, as if this couldn't get any more surreal, there was Amber Rose's very *ahem* pointed response.

When asked by BuzzFeed News at Los Angeles International Airport to comment on the whole affair, Kanye was rather tight lipped.