Serena Williams May Have Won The Australian Open While Pregnant And People Are Shook

Queen of, well, everything.

1. On Wednesday, Serena Williams sent out a Snapchat announcing she’s expecting her first child with fiancé Alexis Ohanian, one of the founders of Reddit.


On her Snapchat, which has since been deleted, Williams posted a photo with a caption that read, “20 weeks.”

The baby news was confirmed hours later.

“I am happy to confirm Serena is expecting a baby this fall,” a representative for the tennis pro told BuzzFeed News.

2. Naturally, people flipped when they found out.

3. Fans were extremely excited about her personal news, which makes sense considering Williams is one of the greatest tennis players of all time.

4. Let’s be honest: The news is a pretty big deal.

5. Amid the frenzy of tweets, some people reflected on Williams’ Australian Open victory back in January. If she is 20 weeks pregnant, that means she completely dominated the tournament while carrying her child.

Saeed Khan / AFP / Getty Images

6. That alleged revelation blew people’s minds, too.

That means Serena Williams was pregnant when she won the Australian Open. A pregnant woman dominated them.

— Kevin Simmons (@TheSkorpion)

7. “Simply the fucking goat,” one user tweeted.

If Serena is 20 weeks that means she won the Australian open pregnant. Simply the fucking goat bruh.

— Edgar Allen Poe'd Up (@DrTGIF)

GOAT = greatest of all time, FYI.

8. The praise for Williams kept pouring in. “Serena Williams won the Australian Open pregnant,” another user said.

Serena Williams won the Australian open pregnant. Idgaf who you think the greatest athlete ever is. They didn't win a major title pregnant.

— Gyal Dem Schewazzle (@DavidEatsViagra)

9. People are pretty stoked about this casual slay.

Serena Williams was pregnant when she won the Australian Open if she wasn't GOAT status before.

— SCM87 (@SCWM87)

10. And to top it off, Williams’ baby reveal came on Maria Sharapova’s birthday.


At one point in time, the women engaged in a small feud, but it’s reportedly been squashed.

11. Congrats to Williams and Ohanian on the incredible news.

Giphy / Via giphy.com


On Tuesday, Williams revealed at a TED Conference in Vancouver, Canada during an interview with Gayle King that she learned she was pregnant two days before the Australian Open was set to begin. The tennis star said that she was “nervous” when she found out before ultimately deciding it was important for her to focus on the tournament.

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