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Michelle Williams Has No Time For Beyoncé Questions In This Hilarious Commercial

No Poor Michelle this time.

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Draymond Green, current player for the Golden State Warriors and Horace Grant, retired basketball star, recently teamed up to do a commercial for Foot Locker.

WATCH @Money23Green get some 🔑 advice from a few people that know how to stand out @HoraceGrant54 @RealMichelleW

Also in the commercial is Michelle Williams, aka 1/3 of the popular R&B group Destiny's Child, aka the star of the entire TV spot.

Foot Locker

Grant and Green are chatting with one another when Michelle suddenly interrupts their conversation.

Foot Locker
Foot Locket

One of the guys mistakes Michelle for someone who works at the lobby they're in.

Foot Locker

So she took a little time to remind them of who she is.

Foot Locker

Of course, Draymond ~attempted~ to ask her a question about her former bandmate, Beyoncé.

Foot Locker

But before he could finish his sentence, Michelle exited with an excellent eye roll and subtle hand wave.

Foot Locker

And here's a condensed version, just for good measure.

Today's lesson: Don't 👏 Ask 👏 Michelle 👏 About 👏 Beyoncé.

Scott Wintrow / Getty Images

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