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    If The Cast Of “Friends” Were Black

    "The one where the gang tries to revive Freaknik."

    1. "The one where Ross refers to Rachel as 'bae' and the internet explodes with think pieces."

    2. "The one where Joey gets racially profiled."

    3. "The one where the neighborhood surrounding Central Perk becomes gentrified."

    4. "The one where Joey confronts someone about 'reverse racism.'"

    5. "The one where Rachel and Joey argue about Beck beating Beyoncé for Album of the Year."

    6. "The one where Monica and Rachel side-eye the person asking about White History Month."

    7. "The one where the gang tries to revive Freaknik."

    8. "The one where Phoebe reveals she doesn't know how to play Spades."

    9. "The one where Monica slicks down her baby hairs."

    10. "The one where Chandler explains why red is a flavor of Kool-Aid."

    11. "The one where everyone is trying to figure out who made the potato salad."

    12. "The one where Rachel answers the door wearing a doobie wrap."

    13. "The one with that girl who told Phoebe, "She think she grown, huh?'"

    14. "The one where Chandler and Ross make fun of Hotep Twitter."

    15. "The one with Jenifer Lewis as Monica's mama."

    16. "The one where Rachel teaches the art of the side-eye."

    17. "The one with Ross' mama and nem."

    18. "The one with that woman who tried to touch Rachel's hair."

    19. "The one where Joey uses unconventional lubricants to hide his ashiness."

    20. "The one with the white man who gets indignant toward Joey about LBJ's portrayal in Selma."

    21. "The one where the gang fights tooth and nail to keep 'raise the roof' a part of black vernacular."

    22. "The one where someone compliments Phoebe on her tan, failing to realize that's her natural skin color."

    23. "The one where Chandler admits he can't do the Electric Slide."

    24. "The one with the dude who made him and his mama some to-go plates at the cookout at Monica's house."

    25. "The one where everyone watches half-horrified, half-amused when Kanye says, 'George Bush doesn't care about black people.'"

    26. "The one where the secret about why 'black don't crack' is revealed."

    27. "The one where Monica signs up for a Black People Meet account."

    28. "The one where Phoebe can't stop raving about D'Angelo's new album, Black Messiah."

    29. "The one with the white man who misquotes MLK Jr. in an attempt to guilt Phoebe and Chandler for exercising their right to protest."

    30. "The one where Tyler Perry casts Joey as the lead in his latest film about a single mother, with Joey playing the single mother."

    31. "The one where Chandler decides it's time to bring back the Jheri curl."

    32. "The one where the gang has to explain that 'Black Lives Matter' doesn't mean other lives are less important."

    33. "The one where everybody caught the Holy Ghost in church except for Phoebe."

    34. "The one where the gang doesn't have the heart to tell Ross that his new girlfriend needs to use seasoning on her food, preferably Lawry's."

    35. "The one where Phoebe decides to make a remix to "Smelly Cat" featuring vocals from Lumidee."

    36. "The one where it takes forever for Thanksgiving dinner to be prepared."

    37. "The one where everyone debates what counts as 'thick' versus 'fat.'"

    38. "The one with the debate about whether light-skinned Aunt Viv was better than dark-skinned Aunt Viv."

    39. "The one with the uncle who always asks for five dollars."

    40. "The one where the gang sets out to find the origin of the phrase 'playing the race card.'"

    41. "The one where the gang learns the importance of the phrase 'Everybody ain't yo damn friend.'"

    42. "The one with the guy who asks Ross, 'Why don't you people just get over slavery?'"

    43. "The one where Maxine Shaw from Living Single is Chandler's lawyer."

    44. "The one where Monica breathes a sigh of relief because there's another black person at work to vibe with."

    45. "The one where Ross pretends he isn't home because a guest showed up uninvited."

    46. "The one with the white guy using slang words that went out of style two decades ago in an effort to seem cool to Ross, Joey, and Chandler."

    47. "The one with the chill-as-hell kickback."

    48. "The one where everyone gets dressed to the nines for Howard University's homecoming."

    49. "The one where the show's theme song 'I'll Be There For You' is changed to a cover version because Monica swears her little cousin can sing it way better than The Rembrandts."

    50. "The one where you knew Ross was lying because his story began with, 'See, what had happened was...'"

    51. "The one where Joey's dad visits and plays old school hits while repeatedly saying, 'Y'all don't know nothin' 'bout that. What y'all know 'bout that?'"

    52. "The one where Chandler's mama was like, 'I brought you into this world and I can take you out.'"

    53. "The one with all of the haters spreading hateration in the dancery."

    54. "The one where everyone was running on CP time."

    55. "The one where the gang delivers the bloop to end all bloops."