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Can We Talk About How Woke Matt McGorry Was In 2015?

He was so bae and so woke.

This is Matt McGorry and he might be the perfect human.

McGorry had a pretty great 2015, too. He continued his work in not one, but two hit television shows: Orange Is the New Black and How To Get Away With Murder...

...but this year, Matt made it a point to show how compassionate he is for his fellow human. He's a vocal feminist and he weighed in on the Black Lives Matter movement frequently.

This year McGorry wrote an essay for Cosmopolitan on what it's like to become a feminist.

Matt also blessed the world with an appearance in Amber Rose's "Walk of No Shame" video.

Because no one should feel bad for having sex.

McGorry even took to his Facebook page this year to defend Amber Rose's video after she received some negative feedback.

And remember when he posted this photo on Instagram earlier this year to call out how the female nipple is censored yet men are allowed to expose their bare chests.

McGorry isn't here for meninists either. 👏👏👏

Matt acknowledges his privilege as a white heterosexual male and uses his platform as a celebrity to speak on a multitude of social issues.

He definitely didn't shy away from how brown people can be categorized as threats, especially in the United States. *sips tea*

And look at him donning this #BlackLivesMatter bracelet! 😍

Listen up, straight white men of the world: Be more like Matt.

Oh, and remember that time he met with @Deray and Jesse Williams to discuss race and being black in America?

McGorry is also great at breaking things down for people who can't seem to grasp the meaning of Black Lives Matter:

Praise the Universe for bringing this perfect being into the world.

Thanks for making a positive impact this year, Matt.

Here's to an even better 2016!