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    • melr49073c03c

      So wait a second, you hypocritical assholes.. Its alright to say ‘too thin’ and make insulting statements towards the person in the spotlight. But say ‘too fat’, and everyone loses their minds.
      Has it ever occurred to you that being thin is also shit upon by people who are too insecure and seemingly incapable of changing their shape and eating habits just so that they, I dunno, can finally stfu about being overweight, and how it’s unfair? I didn’t force you to eat like that. I didn’t intervene on your free time to prevent you from working out a bit.
      Its not my fault, its not the fault of thin people.
      Why the fuck is thin-shaming okay, but everyone defends fat-shaming like its a handicap? Bullshit. You’re lazy, you hate yourself for it, so you make it seem like you’re fine by forcing shit like this into our faces.
      ‘Look at me look at me accept me love me or I can’t love myself!’ Really… Really?

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