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    17 (Legit Useful) Food Hacks That Actually Work

    These are definitely worth your time.

    1. Add a tiny bit of salt to your coffee to make it less bitter.

    As Alton Brown explains: "Not only does salt cut the bitterness of coffee, but it also smooths out the 'stale' taste of tank-stored water," Brown says. "Salt is actually better at neutralizing bitterness than sugar."

    2. Freeze gummy bears to intensify the flavors.

    Readers swear by this — and say they become sort of like mini Popsicles. 😋

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    3. Upgrade Top Ramen noodles by switching up the package instructions...

    Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

    Boil 2 cups water plus 1 tbsp butter plus the seasoning, then cook noodles directly in that mixture. That way, you're flavoring the noodles from the inside out instead of just adding seasoning at the end.

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    4. ...then drop in an egg and greens for instant fanciness.

    Find the recipe for this quick and easy ramen bowl here.

    5. To cut onions without crying, chill them in the fridge or freezer first.

    Macey J. Foronda / Chris Ritter / BuzzFeed

    We tried the 10 most popular hacks for cutting onions without tears — and putting them in the freezer or fridge first made the biggest difference.

    6. Among the things you can cook in a waffle iron: bacon, eggs, hash browns, and cookie dough., Tashween Ali / BuzzFeed

    Super handy if you don't have access to a stove top — or (with cookies) if you don't feel like waiting forever for the oven to heat up.

    7. Caramelize onions in half the time by adding a small pinch of baking soda.

    For more on the magical science behind why this works, head over to Serious Eats.

    8. Want a cheaper substitute for ricotta that tastes just as good? Whip cottage cheese in a food processor.

    Kelli Foster / the Kitchn

    Running cottage cheese through a processor turns the texture from lumpy to super airy and smooth — and it's perfect for things like high-protein breakfast toast or lasagna.

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    9. When hand-juicing lemons or limes, cut the bottom off, then put in the fruit facing up.

    10. Instead of turning the hand mixer, turn the bowl.

    Lauren Zaser / BuzzFeed

    When you're making thick batters, it takes less energy (and saves your wrist!) if you spin the bowl, not the mixer.

    11. When chocolate cake or brownie batter calls for water, substitute brewed coffee instead.

    Ade Magnum / BuzzFeed

    It's subtle — but it'll bring out the richness of the chocolate even more.

    12. Get perfectly scoopable ice cream by moving it to the fridge before you serve it.

    13. The key to game-changing chili? Apple cider vinegar.

    Beyond just salt to finish, most chili recipes also benefit from a splash of acidic flavor. Adding a dash of vinegar at the very end can brighten up the whole dish.

    14. To make even tastier boxed mac 'n' cheese, add a scoop of sour cream instead of milk.,

    The end result will be ultra creamy and glossy.

    15. Before baking, tear and stack cookie dough for better texture. (And easy layers!)

    Meghan Splawn / The Kitchn

    You could spend hours making those IG-famous pan-banging chocolate chip cookies, or you could just try this — which gets you crispy edges and a soft center for way less effort.

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    16. Add a scoop of Dijon mustard to mac 'n' cheese to balance out the flavors.

    Hannah Loewentheil / BuzzFeed

    The tangy mustard perfectly cuts the richness — and adds that lil' ~somethin'.~

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    17. Keep cakes from sticking to pans with a magical DIY paste.

    Marie Telling / BuzzFeed

    The paste is equal parts flour, vegetable oil, and vegetable shortening — and for us, it worked like a charm.

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