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    Alton Brown's One-Ingredient Hack For Better Coffee Will Change Your Mornings

    This makes so much sense.

    Just about everybody knows who Alton Brown is...

    And just about everyone drinks coffee, too.

    So when I came across an old episode of Good Eats where Brown suggests adding salt to your morning brew, I knew I needed to share the info.

    His hack? For every cup of water you use to make your coffee, Brown suggests using two tablespoons of ground coffee and a quarter teaspoon of kosher salt "to help take the bitterness out of your brew."

    Then I came across a Facebook status from Brown himself further explaining the rationale behind adding salt to coffee and it all made sense.

    So there you have it: Salt cuts bitterness. And coffee is bitter — so adding a pinch of salt makes complete and total sense.

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