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17 Foods You've Probably Been Eating Wrong Your Entire Life

Pringles are only seasoned on the top side, so you should eat them upside down.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their best food hacks. Here are the life-changing results that'll change the way you eat your favorite foods.

1. Pringles are only seasoned on one side (the top), so you should eat them upside down to maximize the actual flavor on your tastebuds.

"Sometimes the bottom sides have a little flavoring because of how they're stacked in the container, but most of the flavor is from the top side!"


2. Bite off each end of a Twix so you can use it like a straw in your milk, hot chocolate, or tea.

3. Cream cheese + Doritos. That's it. You're welcome.

"Just trust me on this one. It's soooo freaking good."


4. Add a little ranch and tomato sauce to any leftover pasta for extra creaminess.

"I've found it tastes best specifically with Ragu and ranch dressing!"


5. For a salty-sweet combination, McDonald's fries taste infinitely better when they're dipped in a hot fudge sundae.

6. Squeeze a lemon on top of any kind of pizza (homemade, delivery, whatever) for extra flavor and freshness.

"It's honestly a true game-changer."


7. Freeze your gummy bears and fresh grapes to help intensify the sugary tastes.

"They become sort of like mini popsicles!"


8. Adding sliced tomatoes when making a grilled cheese is an easy way to add extra texture and flavor.

"You can cook them in there or ~porn it up~ and add cold tomato slices after the sandwich is already grilled and melty."


9. Try adding nacho cheese to your hotdog. It's the condiment you never knew you needed.

10. Cream cheese and jelly are a much better pairing on things like bagels and English muffins.

"I grew up with my grandma making cream cheese and jelly sandwiches. Toast the bread first, then put cream cheese on one side and your fave jelly or jam on the other. Heaven."


11. Turning the cupcake into a sandwich (by tearing the bottom off and putting it on top of the frosting) is wayyyyy less messy, and it also guarantees the perfect bite every time.

12. Let your frozen pizza thaw a little, fold it in half, and then pop it in your oven for a DIY calzone.

"When I lived in a dorm without a kitchen, I used to pull frozen pizzas out of the freezer and let them soften enough to fold in half. Then I cooked those bad boys in a George Foreman Grill. Quick and easy calzones!"


13. If you eat your burger upside down, none of the ingredients will fall out when you bite into it.

"It always works! I promise!"


14. Always butter your bagel first and let it melt before putting on other spreads (like peanut butter or cream cheese).

"It's so much better this way. I recommend doing it on everything bagels."


15. The best and most underrated topping with any ice cream is dry cereal pieces.

"It's so good, and it works with any sugary cereal!"


16. Instead of putting salt and pepper on your French fries, season the ketchup instead.

17. And spread jelly on top of your grilled cheese after it's done cooking.

"I swear I've gotten every single person I know hooked on this. It sounds so weird, but I promise it's delicious. I spread grape jelly on the top of my grilled cheese. It can be a little messy, but not so much if you hold it like pizza."