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What's The Most Unexpected Thing Your Local Costco Sells?

Tell us!

By now, you know we love Costco.


The snacks, the hacks, all of it!

One interesting thing about Costco is that each location sells slightly different items โ€” many super-specific to that Costco's state, region, or country.

According to BuzzFeed readers, some are even tailored to the city. For example, at the Costco in Astoria, Queens, you'll find whole frozen lambs that cater to the large Greek population. The location in Chico, California, is near a big brewery, so it always stocks a ton of locally-made beer.

At the Costco in Washington, D.C., you can buy federal buildings made of chocolate.

A chocolate dessert made to look like the U.S. Pentagon at Costco in Washington, DC.

At Hawaiian Costcos, there are mango and guava cheesecakes and fresh-baked sweet rolls.

The Costco in Anchorage, Alaska, is stocked with bear spray, float coats, and whole-roasted pigs.

Bear spray, float coats, and whole-roasted pigs at Costco in Alaska.
Mariah Osborne Krueger / BuzzFeed

Plus stuff like salmon traps and sleds.

You can order poutine in the food court at Costco Canada.

And let's talk international: Japan locations have bulk sashimi.

And Costco Paris stocks platters of crepes in the bakery section.

Wherever you live, we want to know about the most unique, interesting, or super regional items at your local Costco. Share them in the comments (along with pictures, if you have!) for a chance to be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post. ๐ŸŒ