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    I'm Actually Low-Key Fascinated By This Costco In Alaska

    Who knew??

    Costco is a glorious place. We all know this, right?

    (And nope, this isn't sponsored by Costco. I just love it, OK?? 🙃)

    But all Costcos are a little bit different in terms of what they sell. For example, you can pick up bakery platters of chocolate crepes at Costco France — or bulk sashimi at Costco Japan.

    I knew the differences were most obvious at Costco's international locations — but I'd never really thought much about the differences between Costcos across America.

    A chocolate dessert made to look like the US Pentagon, available at Costco in Washington, DC.

    One place where that's apparent? Costco Alaska.

    As Mariah explains, even the warehouse setup of Alaskan Costcos is a bit different — with ultra-insulated walls and industrial heaters hanging from the ceiling.

    They also sell a bunch of items that are Alaska staples. Here are some highlights:

    1. Bear spray

    Cans of bear spray at Costco Alaska

    2. Blackout curtains for Alaskan summers, during which there can be 20+ hours of daylight per day.

    Blackout curtains at Costco Alaska

    3. Wool socks year-round

    Crates of wool socks at Costco Alaska

    4. Float coats

    Float coats at Costco Alaska

    5. Whole pigs for roasting

    Whole pigs for roasting at Costco Alaska

    6. Tons and tons of fishing gear — including some you'd expect:

    7. And some you might not — like these huge salmon traps:

    Large salmon traps at Costco Alaska

    8. Lotta crabs, of course!

    Crabs in the seafood section of Costco Alaska

    9. And jumbo shrimp:

    Jumbo shrimp in the seafood section of Costco Alaska

    10. A corner with propane tanks and a casual chainsaw:

    Propane tanks and chainsaws at Costco Alaska

    11. Tents galore:

    Camping tents at Costco Alaska

    12. And a ton of mosquito repellent:

    Mosquito repellent at Costco Alaska

    13. A cracker called "Sailor Boy Pilot Bread":

    Sailor Boy Pilot Bread cracker at Costco Alaska

    14. Fan-favorite ginger beer:

    Cases of ginger beer at Costco Alaska

    15. And doomsday food with a shelf life of up to 25 years:

    Shelf-stable "emergency food supply" at Costco Alaska

    What's the most interesting or super regional thing your local Costco sells? Share in the comments below!