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    20 Reasons Why Costco Japan Is Basically Heaven On Earth

    From platters of uni to premade chocolate crêpes, these delicacies can only be found at Costcos in Japan.

    Costco might have been born in America, but it has reached its prime in Japan. Here are a bunch of incredible products you'll only find at Japanese Costco stores.

    1. Dried gourmet mixed mushrooms

    2. Fancy Wrap Sandwiches

    3. And decadent sashimi salads

    4. Extremely large portions of uni and salmon roe

    5. Korean Jjigae

    6. Strawberry Cheesecake

    7. Chocolate Crêpes

    8. Braised Pork Rice

    9. Matcha Ice Cream

    10. Chirashi

    11. Shiitake Mushroom Crisps

    12. Seafood pizza

    13. Ready To Drink Wine Cocktails

    14. Gougeres

    15. Black truffle sauce

    16. Sushi platters

    17. ENDLESS sushi platers

    18. OK, one last sushi beauty shot.

    19. Octopus

    20. And a giant wood-burning pizza oven.