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19 Secrets About Costco That'll Make You Go "Huh"

Drop the samples and read this. H/T Reddit.

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1. The store is purposefully designed without signs to force people to wander through all the aisles and find things to buy. / Via

Works like a charm, TBH.


14. Options for any item are limited to reduce labor costs.

dro_fi / Via

Ziploc bags, for one, might only come in three options (small, medium, large). This is so workers can simply forklift entire pallets of items into their spots and not have to unpack and hand-stack dozens of different color and size options.

16. Costco doesn't offer bags, because they look too "retail." / Via

Costco loves projecting an ~exclusive vibe~, and "if you have bags, you look like a retail store."

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