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19 Secrets About Costco That'll Make You Go "Huh"

Drop the samples and read this. H/T Reddit.

1. The store is purposefully designed without signs to force people to wander through all the aisles and find things to buy.

2. You can cancel your membership and get a 100% refund at any time.

lellybean8871 / Via

3. Costco employees are paid handsomely.

George Frey / Getty Images / Via

Pay starts at $11.50 per hour for ALL employees and can top off in the $20 range. Employees also get a full range of benefits, like health care, vision, dental, and 401(k)s.

4. You can return almost anything.

Paramount Pictures

"I once had a member return a patio furniture set — that was clearly more than 10 years old — due to 'oxidation and sun damage.'"

5. The people behind the sample tables don't actually work for Costco — they're contractors hired by Costco.

drkaylarandhawa / Via

Which means they probably won't be able to answer your questions about where things are located.

6. The cult favorite chicken bake is so delicious because it's made with pizza dough (in addition to chicken strips, mozzarella, bacon, and Caesar dressing.)

jenelle_pu / Via

7. Anyone — even non-members — can buy booze from Costco*.

Instagram: @danceswithrain / Via

In about a dozen states, a store cannot legally require a membership for purchases.

8. The name of the store's private label brand — Kirkland Signature — comes from Kirkland, Washington, the location of Costco's corporate headquarters at the time of the brand's naming.

@5t________ / Via

9. Costco was started by a former Price Club employee.

Saul Loeb / AFP / Getty Images / Via

Price Club, a pioneer in the warehouse retail industry, merged with Costco in 1993.

10. As of 2015, Costco alone sold more stuff every year than Amazon.

Flickr/Daniel Lobo / Via

Though it's extremely likely that Amazon's retail boom in the last two years has changed that statistic in their favor.

11. Costco has locations all around the world, including in Japan, Australia, France, and South Korea.

adrien19 / Via

12. It's technically one of America's biggest pizza chains.

emsgoodeats / Via

With more than 500 stores, it trails behind Chuck E. Cheese's, which has over 600 locations.

13. And this is how their pizzas are made.

14. Options for any item are limited to reduce labor costs.

dro_fi / Via

Ziploc bags, for one, might only come in three options (small, medium, large). This is so workers can simply forklift entire pallets of items into their spots and not have to unpack and hand-stack dozens of different color and size options.

15. Employees get a free executive membership.

naes2running / Via

Executive members receive a 2% reward on qualified purchases, the sum of which they receive back in the form of an annual reward certificate.

16. Costco doesn't offer bags, because they look too "retail."

17. The hot dog and soda combo has been sold for $1.50 since the deal was introduced in the mid-1980s.

lindawaks / Via

18. As of 2015, a third of Costco's US business comes from locations in California.

deeeeeeeeeedz / Via

19. Sunday is their busiest day.

nofixedabodeforsue / Via

Though the same is probably true for most grocery stores.